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The new LSU Exec Team began their year-long term this morning after a week-long handover period with the previous team ended on Friday.

New Union President for 2021-22, Freya Mason, told Label that “I am loving it so far and cannot wait to get started”.

The team were elected in May 2021 during another gruelling LSU Exec Elections campaign, which culminated in a fantastic results night and take over from a team who have faced the brunt of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On what they think their biggest challenge over the next year will be, Ms. Mason told Label that she is “looking forward” to taking on the challenge of “easing out of the pandemic whilst figuring out [what]the ‘new normal’ is for students.”

Meet the New LSU Exec Team


President: Freya Mason

Freya is LSU’s new Union President, the figurehead for the Union. Elected in a landslide, she is the former Hall Chair of Faraday and will now lead the Union.
Degree: Politics & International Relations
Fact: Plays the Flute

Vice President: Charlotte Style

The new Vice President, taking over from Fejiro, Charlotte was elected in a fantastic two-way race for the position. Beating Leon Dixon by a substantial majority, Charlotte brings her experience as the former HSF President and Cayley Hall Chair to the role.
Degree: Textiles
Fact: Can do cringy Fusion dancing really well

Education Executive Officer: RON

Officer-elect Thomas Young resigned for personal reasons and as a result, a by-election will be held shortly.
Degree: The best degree
Fact: Will win every election ever

Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer: Alex Marlowe

The Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer is Alex Marlowe, who was re-elected back in May. Alex was previously the LGBT+ Officer, and campaigned for a Welfare Representative to be in every Sectional Committee to ensure the wellbeing of all who volunteer for LSU.
Degree: Drama
Fact: Hates people saying ‘h’ the wrong way

Sport Executive Officer: Rachel Caverhill

Rachel is 2021’s new Sport EO. As is seemingly tradition, Rachel was the last AU Clubs Officer and aims to take the Athletic Union to greater heights.
Degree: Sports Biomechanics
Fact: Proudest moment was receiving her degree

Societies Chair: Seth Johnson

Seth is the Societies Chair for 2021-22 after holding many different roles in Societies including Vice-Chair. Having lost the election for Vice President last year, Seth hopes to keep Societies on the map and maintain the amazing things that every society does.
Degree: Computer Science
Fact: Has a Spider Plant named Bob

Enterprise Chair: Nathan Chan

Following a contested election, Nathan won a convincing victory and is your Enterprise Section Chair for 2021-22. Nathan won the Year in Enterprise last year and is hoping to bring his experience and passion to the section.

Degree: Economics
Fact: Can eat an entire burger in one mouthful

Rag Chair: Hettie Bawden

Hettie continues into the next year as Rag Chair, after winning re-election in May. In her manifesto, she said she wanted to increase awareness of our partner charities, streamline the organisation of internally-ran events, secure sponsorship for Rag events, create a budget plan for Rag’s operations,  and further create accessible fundraising opportunities for students
Degree: Geography
Fact: Former England Rower

Action Chair: Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans is LSU’s returning Action chair, after being re-elected for a second year. In her campaign, she stated she felt that Action needed “reinvigorating”, with better attention paid to feedback and appreciating volunteers’ work.
Degree: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fact: Received funding to do brain cell research

The Media Chair role remains unfilled and is the only voluntary role on the Union Exec Team. LSU Media next year will be operating on a flat-structure approach until there is the facility to have a Chair again.

Photos in this article taken by Dan Hess on behalf of LSU Media.


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