LSU Media Awards 2018 – The Winners


The winners take it all at the Mamma Media Awards 2018!

Saturday 26th May 2018 marked the annual LSU Media Awards to celebrate the success of the whole section from the past year! Invitees suffered the much anticipated Senate Lip-sync of Mamma Mia, were gifted with free wine and a chicken burger dinner, and were forced for the second year in a row, to watch the Champions League Final from our phones. It was a night full of laughter, tears, and celebration.

Truly a night to remember with no noticeable mistakes despite the tradition. There were many deserving nominees for the 20 award up for grabs, but here are the incredible winners from what has been a great year for LSU Media!


Label – Best Volunteer: Design

Winner: Phoebe-Rose Logan

Nominees: Isaac Coppin, Ali Myers, Natalie Oon


Label – Best Volunteer: Writing

Winner: Sonia Bolla

Nominees: Amie Woodyatt, Gugundeep Kaur, Christabel Stevens


LCR – Best Show

Winner: The Politics Show

Nominees: Tea Time Talk, Fake News, Rage Cage


LCR – Best Presenter

Winner: Joshua Gray

Nominees: Lucie Lewis, Max Mydat, Tegan Harrison


Lens – Best Volunteer

Winner: David Owens

Nominees: Josh Thompson, Chris Leroux, Eleanor Smith


Lens – Best Photo

Winner: Pavit Alg

Nominees: Ryan Dickinson, Josh Thompson, David Owens


LSUTV – Best Team

Winner: SMASH

Nominees: Match Report, LSUTV Committee, The Soapbox


LSUTV – Best Content

Winner: Tim Tries

Nominees: The Soapbox, Match Report, SMASH


Hall Media – Best Hall Media Rep

Winner: Jack Millington

Highly commended: Lou Madden

Nominees: Max Mydat, Tim McGovern


Hall Media – Most Improved Hall

Winner: David Collett


Hall Media – Hall of the Year

Winner: Harry French


Label – Overall Contribution

Winner: Becky Gibbs

Nominees: Liam Hopley, Phoebe-Rose Logan, Sonia Bolla


LCR – Overall Contribution

Winner: Tamara Maggs

Nominees: Joshua Gray, Lucie Lewis, Will Reynolds


Lens – Overall Contribution

Winner: Josh Thompson

Nominees: David Owens, Ryan Dickinson, Meg Jocson Ong


LSUTV – Overall Contribution

Winner: Aisha Aldris

Nominees: Ben Cooke, Tim McGovern, Craig Searle


Sport – Overall Contribution

Winner: Haihan Luo

Nominees: Rosa Timini, Josh Thompson, Cameron Small


The Big Four

Hess is Moore Award for Outstanding Achievement

Winner: Hannah Thompson


Best New Volunteer

Winner: Chris Leroux

Nominees: Joshua Gray, Josh Thompson, Tamara Maggs


Best Overall Volunteer

Winner: Tim McGovern

Nominees: Ben Cooke, Cameron Small, Will Reynolds


Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Craig Searle


Many congratulations to all nominees and winners. You’ve all been a credit to the section and LSU as a whole! Let’s hope we can make 2018-19 even better!

Tim McGovern


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