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Role profile for Assistant Head of Lens

Assistant Head of Lens is crucial position in Lens and will be aiding the Head of Lens with in a number of areas – not just taking minutes and admin work! Active contributions and quick ideas and decisions are expected, as is the ability to take on responsibility at larger events. This position has also been adapted to now cover the organising of regular socials which will require a bit of creativity but overall it is expected to be a bit of fun within the role. Depending on the individual the role can and will likely be adapted to suit the strengths of whoever fills the position. 

Duties and responsibilities:

• Assist the Head of Lens in all activities and decisions, and be acting Head of Lens where required.
•Prepare Lens meeting agendas, take meeting minutes and ensure they are promptly available to the committee after the meeting, through the Committee FB group.
• Expected to assist all other committee members where required. Provide advice, both creatively and organisationally, the various committee members on their respective projects
• Organise regular socials for the section.

• Be the initial point of contact and oversee the delivery of content through social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

• Advise the Head of Lens and provide opinion for integral decisions affecting Lens and its volunteers


• Assisting in leading the Lens committee.
• Working with industry level equipment.
• Bringing new ideas to the section and to help shape the future of Lens.

Useful previous experience:

• Experience of photography within Lens preferable.
• Rudimentary knowledge of photography and photo editing.

Average time commitment:

• Around 8 hours per week.
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’.

Responsible to:

Media EO, Head of Lens

Download the application form here. Deadline is Monday 21st May.

For more information and all finished applications, contact Jasmine Jefferies.


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