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One small word that is able to bring back a lot of memories, whether good or bad.

But, if there is one thing that I believe we can all agree on it is probably the fact that hangovers are never nice surprise. But, what if we could avoid them or at least minimize them?

Yes, I know freshers’ week has been and gone but the best moments of your life at university have just began! And I thought that a few hangover tips and tricks would be very useful for the future nights out that will happen throughout the year. Luckily, my two weeks spent as a fresher helper at the start of the year have provided me with experience to acquire some sufficient knowledge on the topic.

The following are the golden rules for a good night out and an even better morning after: 

RULE #1 – Eating before going out is a must

You might not be hungry at the time but try to think ahead. A good bowl of pasta should do the job for the whole night!

RULE #2 – Mixing your alcohol is a big NO

Yes, you have ran out of that one drink you just had and might just want to try something different but trust me you are better off drinking the exact same thing to minimize a very messy night and a very sore head the following morning.

RULE #3 – When you reach Papa Si’s that’s where your night should start to slow down

To end your night, a cheeky burger or some greasy nuggets with cheesy chips will be your best friend. Hopefully, the fats in them will absorb the alcohol in your body and prevent that nasty hangover. 

RULE #4 – Sleep, eat, repeat

A ‘good’ night of sleep is essential! If not, you will end up being tired for the whole day, trust me I learnt the hard way. Another big mistake is not eating anything when you wake up, some good food that always makes me feel better is scrambled eggs, bananas and avocados but if you have the option of a big English breakfast that would be even better.


Down it fresher! But really, water is a must to help you feel better and cure a hangover, especially if you feel a bit nauseous. I find that drinking water when I get back in always helps me feel refreshed in the morning.

Last but not least, we all know that the best advice out of them all is to just limit your alcohol consumption throughout the night. Remember, you can have as much of a memorable night with or without those extra drinks.

Alicia Maurette-Ury


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