Lessons on Patience


Comment Editor, Schems Koperly, has had enough of impatient millennials and brings us a column on how we can manage our lives without a smartphone always in our hands.

You keep fidgeting or checking your phone? Please stop. The supreme discipline for all millennials: gracefully managing how to be freaking patient. Without further ado, here are some ideas on how to do just that:

What do I do when I have to wait in a restaurant?

Please don’t just look down on your smartphone. Staring at your phone doesn’t make you look confident, especially not if you’re aggressively poking your thumbs on the screen while texting. Instead, sit up straight, calm your nervous fingertips by holding a long-stemmed glass and look through the room: Be self-confident and aware. Who’s on a Tinder date, who’s meeting his mistress, what drama is taking place at the neighbouring table? It’s better than Netflix!

A train delay

With an empty tummy and badly winged eyeliner, you rush to the train station last minute… and then there’s a train delay. You’d love to yell insults at the tannoy voice, but aggressions are so dowdy! So instead of just standing there and cursing, use the time for extra coffee and breakfast. Good food will be your trusty friend and cheer you up, trust me! If you’re one of the lucky people who already got to eat, why don’t you try and talk to someone? Maybe find someone to share a taxi with – you’ll end up saving money and maybe you just found the love of your life?

You invited people over. They’re 45 minutes late. What now?

Any delay of at least 15 minutes means you’re allowed to start drinking by yourself. When they arrive afterwards and you’re a bit tipsy: Don’t start ranting about how they’re the ones to blame! Be a laid-back and cool host, who’s not going to be moody and whine about unnecessary stuff.  When inviting them over next time, make it clear that you’re expecting them somewhere between eight and nine. Anyone who’s still late then, will simply have to eat the leftovers of the Domino’s Pizza.

How do I keep cool in a long queue?

Don’t just stand there and fume. Put some headphones in and listen to your favourite music while waiting, it will soothe you. Another option is to avoid queuing completely, and just order anything you need online. I mean, that’s why the Internet exists, right?

Schems Koperly

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