10 Perfect Holiday Gifts


Volunteer writer Hannah Pearce is here to give you the top ten perfect gifts for this holiday season. From funny to quirky she’s got you covered for your last minute holiday shopping…

Here are a few ideas for you to buy for your loved ones over this festive season. They come under a variety of headings: funny, cute and quirky. Let’s keep the smiles on their faces this Christmas!


Wine Bottle glass: Christmas is a time for red wine, a festive drink, which is consumed at any time of the day. This present would be very useful for those drinkers who say they cannot fill their glass to the top as it could overflow, don’t worry there is now a glass, which is the same size as a bottle. Down in one!

Christmas socks: The main present of everyone’s stockings. The variety of Christmas socks you can buy is unbelievable, from reindeer antlers popping out at the top to little cute robins on each toe. You cannot lose out and it is sure to bring a smile on their face.

Grow your own boyfriend/girlfriend: The ultimate joke present. For all the singletons out there, you will not be lonely this Christmas, you will have some company or some sort at least!


Create your own Christmas jumper pack: This family loving present is a must have. It contains iron on polyester patches with festive patches and images to make your ordinary jumper hidden at the back of your wardrobe into a festival madness.

Family calendar: One of these is a favourite amongst every household. All of the memories of the year placed into a calendar for the New Year. Happiness all around!

Personalised bauble: One for your love. A bauble is symbolic of Christmas and for it to be engraved is a perfect little gesture to put a smile on their face.

Father Christmas Toilet Cover and Roll: A perfect way to spend Christmas after all the mince pies and wine, is sitting amongst Father Christmas whilst reading all of the puns on each roll of toilet paper. The Christmas jokes cannot be beaten.


6-pack beer belt: A present, which would come in handy for all of those beer lovers out there. The belt is shown to be extremely secure and a comfy fit so it can stay there for hours. However, hours might not be needed, only a few minutes in certain cases.

Roulette drinking game: The must have for all of those teenagers out there, from drinking corky’s to vodka to even absinthe. This game tapers for all levels of drinkers. Selfie family photo kit- This hilarious present is perfect for couples, families and many other groups of people wanting to have a laugh. With a variety of face shapes, hat accessories and more this will provide you with a fun and photogenic Christmas.

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