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Before I start my article, please note that this is only my opinion. I just want the best for our society and this is how I believe we can achieve it – love is love.

Okay, so here I am writing an article whilst severely sleep deprived, like everyone else. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely optimistic, somewhat deluded, that a Labour win (granted it was almost impossible), or even a Labour-SNP coalition would provide me with an incentive to revise for my last ever exam. The premise of free education and the demolition of tuition fees and loans is something I greatly believe in, as with any other hopeful young person. However, here I am, encouraging myself to push through that last hurdle of revision to attain that 2.1. Because if not, God knows what a 2.2 in Sports Science is going to do for me in a Conservative society.

So I could write a revision of last night’s events, the seats gained and lost and everything else that happened. But tbh, you can go watch BBC news or read what Murdoch’s minions are spewing on Sky News if you want a summary. Let’s be real and let’s keep this 100. Warning, I’m definitely treading on eggshells with the stuff I am going to say. To provide a bit a context for you, I have prided myself in being apolitical and generally not giving a damn about politics. But as you can see, I’ve had to keep up with the times and create this masterpiece of an article. By the end of it, you’ll call me a leftist, go on love. Also, what’s really funny, it was only like 3 years ago I was asking people how the UK parliament works and what the difference between Labour and Conservative parties were. I’VE COME A LONG WAY.

I have never ever felt so in touch and so liberated by a political party and political leader. Corbyn’s fight against austerity was empowering and actually encompassed a sense of rebellion that got me so ‘gassed up’. If you anyone spits back with comments like “oh Corbyn is not a great leader”, “no confidence in him”, “very weak” or some other semi-factual bullshit about overall politics or party stuff, just go away. The purpose of this article to indulge in the more emotional and personal side of politics that in my experience, have been disregarded. Everything has been so rigid and logical. Like no. This is actually people’s standards of living and quality of life that we are talking about here (Geography A Level terminology come thru). Let me engage in this whirlwind. Let me fall in love with Corbyn. Let me popularise labour through meme pages on social media. Let me cry when the Tories fuck it up. I’m autonomous. This is my right. Stop being so bloody diplomatic.

Jeremy Corbyn defied the most visible social boundaries that make up our society. His appeal to the youth vote was impeccable, and rightly so. His ability to transgress the social constructs, especially the movement of ‘grime4corbyn’ was transformational. I never thought I’d witness the day that Corbyn is having a legit conversation with JME. Fun fact: JME is vegan. Personally, I always felt that the BME communities, specifically in London, are so out of tune with politics. Just from my experience of talking to them. I’m guess I’m sort of making a generalisation here. What I’m trying to say is that the physical act of Corbyn interacting with disillusioned demographics is showing progression in society. That engagement is integral for our country to progress further. Corbyn is so embracive and accepting of other cultures – how can that make other people angry? Come on, “it’s 2017”.

I actually cannot fathom some of the reasons that influence the way people vote. It actually makes my skin itch that we have those poor sods whose political knowledge derives primarily from The Sun or The Daily Mail. We forgive you for your pointless votes towards UKIP and blinded votes for Conservatives because of the anti-Corbyn and anti-Labour tripe printed in those news outlets. However, we don’t forgive you for reading them in their entirety. Back to the point though, as hard as it is for me to say this, that backwards mentality of ‘immigrants stealing our jobs’ or of the country ‘not being British’ anymore is a prominent thing. People just won’t speak outwardly about it due to political correctness and the fact social media will slam you. Into the oblivion. Where your votes and thoughts belong. *smiley face*

So I’ve thought about it like this. In plain terms, as we know, Conservatives are supposedly catered for the wealthiest in society. Suppose, through some crazy turn of events, I am able to socially mobilise and miraculously start earning £1million a year (in this current climate), how would I vote then? Well, a Labour government would supposedly increase my taxes but that money would essentially be invested back into education, health and social care. The three things, that arguably, got me into my position of wealth. Strange that is. I think that social mobility is important, but you should always consider your upbringing and journey to wealth when casting your votes (whatever party you pick). Don’t get wrapped up in the dough.

I’m trying really hard and actually reaching out to find some sort of positivity from the Conservatives. I feel inclined to give May some credit where it’s due. But I can’t find anything. I guess I commend her perseverance? She made a mess of herself through this Snap Election, and you don’t need me to tell you: how, what, where and when.

ANYWAYS, SHOUTOUT TO THE YOUTH TURNOUT THOUGH. YOU GUYS PUT US ON THE MAP. YES. 72%. I feel so proud to be living young, wild n freeeeeee. Sadly, it has just dawned upon me that by the next election; I will not be categorised as a ‘young voter’. Don’t care though, I feel so proud to be part of this. I genuinely hope that the youth and the next generation keep this spirit alive and do us proud! Lowkey, I’m actually worried that maybe Corbyn was just a face that appealed to the youngsters. If he does go, then maybe young people will disengage until another popular figure (from whatever party) comes along. BUT AS GEORGE MICHAEL ONCE SANG, I GOTTA HAVE FAITH. Thank you to the Labour party for instilling hope and promise in my life. This campaign has genuinely been an emotional rollercoaster and what I’ve learnt is that the world isn’t so bad anymore. People actually care for me.

Anyways, the next 5 years will be indicative of the mistake Tory voters have made in relation to a hard-brexit. I swear to God, I actually hope that free movement around the EU becomes so messy. I want British people (including myself) to suffer the consequences of Brexit. Not extensively, yet enough to awaken the minds of those who were wrongly mesmerised and misled by the likes of Farage, Boris Johnson and I can’t even remember the rest. This sounds crazy, but I will innately, slightly, marginally, enjoy our suffering. Only because I know good will come out of it …eventually. I’ll suffer too, but I’ll be prepared. So when the UKIP losers get temperamental, I’ll be there, laughing. Still struggling though. But laughing.

I’m predict the next 5 years of May rule (if she lasts) is going to be hard. We will ALL come out of it stronger and knowledgeable. If Labour and Corbyn (hopefully) can maintain this strong hold and expand in the next 5 years, come 2022 it will be time to finally liberate ALL the people. For the many, not the few.


Anyways, I have extorted my despair long enough. I shalt return to my exam revision that focuses on Global Issues in Sport. How menial in comparison to what is going on in the world today. Hopefully, the transnational regeneration and globalisation of sports can offer me some solace in this semi-depressive world. Also, there is a Dubai holiday waiting for me at the end of June, that May can’t steal from me.

Asli Jensen, Comment Editor


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