Top 3 Tracks to Get You Out of Bed and In The Gym!


January’s just ended. It’s cold, rainy and dark. It’s that time of the year where New Years Resolutions are in full force and the pressure of summer is making people want to get into shape. But the cold harsh mornings don’t make this easy for us and motivation may be lacking. Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered. With this list of gym tracks, it is as promise that everyone will be motivated in kick starting or continuing their fitness journey.

Here are some recommendations for real gym motivators that will make getting out of bed on a cold winters morning easy!

Starley – ‘Call on Me’ (Ryan Riback Remix)

This catchy and cheerful remix of Starley’s original song that first appeared last April is a perfect motivator on a cold winter’s day. The repetition of the melody and the fast beat means it is a perfect song for a run, especially with the build up to the climax, keeping listeners interested and focused. The opening, with the sound of clicks is unique and wakes the listeners up and it attracts attention. It establishes a tempo that is ideal for a warm up track in the gym or for a jog. The track could also be used for intervals of HIIT workouts as the drop of the beat is perfect, fast moving and creates an amazing anthem that will get you moving!

Nevada – ‘The Mack’ ft Mark Morrison and Fetty Wap.

Based in Stockholm, this talented artist who has a passion for Electronic music, celebrated the twenty-one – year-old song “Return of The Mack” by Mark Morrison. Nevada created a new and upbeat electronic version with Fetty Wap, who is known for ‘Trap Queen’ and other songs such as ‘Wake Up’. Working with Fetty Wap adds to the track as three unique artists, Morrison, Mack and Wap, combine to make one powerful and motivational song. Using the original vocalist within the song enables listeners to feel familiar, and acts as an excellent throwback dance track. But the rhymes added by Fetty Wap make it current and uplifting, exciting listeners and making them want to get up and move. Nevada’s interest in futuristic, hip-hop and electronic music and the combination of all three has enabled him to created an utterly extraordinary track that will get everyone in the gym. The beat throughout is punchy and lively; creating energy that is motivating. The repetition of rhythms makes the anthem catchy and will certainly get you moving in the gym.

Shakira – ‘Chantaje’ ft. Maluma

World famous Shakira has collaborated with Maluma, a Latin Pop star, and has created an epic tune that has a strong beat and fast tempo that will definitely wake you up and gets you motivated. The track opens with an apparent swinging rhythm that is the perfect accompaniment to exercise to make it fun and thrilling. This combined with the repetition of melody and beat means the track is perfect for a run or routine in the gym. The lively upbeat tune is great for getting everyone out of bed and smiling. The beat will have listeners dancing and moving before they know it.

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