Student Struggles – What 5pm lecture?


Its getting colder by the day and the brief walk to campus seems to be so much longer and takes more effort than it did at the start of term…

I’m halfway through the latest binge session of my latest Netflix obsession and there’s 10 mins left until the end of this episode but lecture starts in 20 mins. Hmmmm. It’s icy cold outside and I’ve made such a cosy pillow fort. In fact the clocks have just turned back, is that the sun I see disappearing under the horizon? I’ll have to walk to my lecture in the dark. It’s only an hour’s worth of teaching anyway and I can pretty much guarantee the notes and lecture slides will all be put up online…

My stomach turns and is growling loudly. It’s practically dinnertime and I’m so hungry I should be starting to cook soon. Nobody should have to work this late; doesn’t the normal working day end at 5pm? It’s a bit much for them to expect a student to turn up to lectures at this time of the day or in fact night has already fallen.

Oops I’ve been procrastinating for 5 minutes and have missed what’s been happening on the TV. If I leave now I’ll almost certainly be late and having to sneak through the front whilst the lecturer’s talking to find a seat all by myself. Now that I’ve paused my episode I may as well fetch myself a cup of tea for the last 10 minutes of viewing? I’ll just make sure I go next week …

– Emma Morgan


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This is Beatrice's third year with LSU Media. In her first year she wrote for Label in both Features and News, her second year saw her take the position of Music Content Coordinator for LSU Media as well as Label Features Editor. Her third and final year with Label sees her take the position of Head of Online, Marketing and Distrubution where she hopes to maximise Label's presence on and off campus.

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