Loughborough vs Nottingham M3 Basketball


On Wednesday evening, Loughborough Men 3’s took on Nottingham 3’s. After beating Nottingham 68-59 last week, Loughborough faced them at home in the Sir David Wallace sports hall.

Loughborough had many failed chances to get first points on the board, but it was the away team which scored first. A steal from Nottingham combined with quick passing, lead to a successful, simple layup. An exchange of 3 pointers came next, putting the score at 6:8 to the visitors. This exchange was interrupted with a timeout called by Loughborough. After the short break, Loughborough took the lead for the only and last time of the game, going 18:12 up. The quarter ending 18:14 to Loughborough’s favour.

Nottingham started the second quarter strong, overtaking Loughborough’s score before they managed to even get back on the court. A series of strong counter attacks combined with Loughborough’s weak defence saw Nottingham’s lead extend. The half ended with a 3 pointer from Nottingham leaving the score at 27:41.

The game carried on as it had in the previous quarter, but both teams defence were a lot stronger. Loughborough were the champions of this quarter as they shorten Nottinghams lead. The third quarter ending 42:53.

Nottingham started off the last quarter with a layup straight through Loughborough’s weak defence. The points kept rolling for Nottingham after that. Loughborough missed plenty of easy opportunities and only managed to score 6 points.

With Nottingham in possession for the last 30 seconds after another failed Loughborough attack, they held onto the ball to wait for the clock to tick on down. On the final buzzer, final score; Loughborough 48, Nottingham 65.

That leaves Loughborough 4th in the table with 3 games played. Loughborough’s next game is Cranfield University away on the 9th November in the Midlands Conference Cup.


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