The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – Negatives EP: Review


The debut EP from The Girl and the Dreamcatcher came swift on the heels of the release of their first three singles, capitalising on the budding success of their eclectic sound. Released back in July the EP fell onto the waiting ears of their fans, who have been anticipating the album since 2014. Despite having a dedicated fan base, particularly in the U.S., the duo are relatively unknown to British audiences; this EP is the first real taste of their music that we have been granted and it is, in my own words, a triumph.

Comprising of Disney alumni Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, the duo have created a unique sound; the EP explores various themes surrounding relationships, putting a new spin on a recognisable genre by using vibrant imagery and raw composition to create addictive and immersive tracks. They haven’t however strayed completely from their Disney roots; most of the tracks still retain an upbeat quality coupled with a mature sound. This is Disney’s older cousin; edgy and on the boundaries of pop but still undeniably charming and distinctive.

Whilst all the tracks on the EP hold their own merit ‘Monster’ and ‘Cry Wolf’ are undeniably the stars of the album. Both songs showcase a different tempo, with ‘Cry Wolf’s’ bass beat creating a rhythm that instantly draws you in, coupled with cleverly constructed lyrics engineered to stick with the listener.

‘Monster’ however reveals the softer, more intimate side of the duo’s music, with the vocals and lyrics taking centre stage, creating an immersive experience for the audience. ‘Make You Stay’, which was previously released as a single before being included in the EP, dances along the line of acoustic and pop giving it the unique sound so representative of The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. ‘My Way’ and ‘Gladiator’ both move towards the edgier sound that characterises Negatives as a whole, playing around with layering different sounds to create a distinct and unforgettable composition. ‘Glowing in the Dark’ is arguably the edgiest track on the EP, presenting a darker side of the duo’s music.

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher have managed, through incredible vocals, well written lyrics and memorable arrangements, to create an EP that has something for everyone.

Since the production of this article, it has come to light that The Girl and the Dreamcatcher have split. But despite the twosome going their separate ways, is safe to say their debut, and as of now, only EP, is well worth a listen.

By Kathryn Cockrill


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