Media Awards 2016 | The Opening Ceremony


Those of you who came to a spectacular evening on June 4th in Room 1 know that the Olympic-style ‘opening ceremony’ didn’t go quite to plan…

Well, thanks to a bit of careful editing, here’s a rough idea of what you should have been feasting your eyes upon before the awards began. And I should congratulate the wonderful Loughborough Students’ Dance Club for a great performance despite several technical hiccups. I guess if you want to have a successful opening to a Media Awards, you’re best off not using a video!

If you want to know who took home each award, you can find out here. More videos from the night will be coming soon!


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Bryn Wilkes is the two-time Vice President for Media at Loughborough Students' Union, having held a committee position in both Label and LCR in 2013-14 before being elected.

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