Student Struggles: Studying vs. Sleep


We’ve all been there.

Monday morning, 7.30 am, alarm blaring away. Your hand resurfaces from the warm fluffy duvet, only to slam the snooze button off for its pure audacity for waking you up. How dare it.

You’re at the stage where you can’t survive the morning from still being drunk from the night before, which makes crawling out of your bed only more of a challenge. You come to the terms that it’s a battle between the two most important things in your life – apart from carbs, obvs – sleep, or your not-so-cheap education.

Below are some of the struggles you’ll face when you hit the middle-end of the semester, and your energy is peak (have I said that right?… Probably not):

  • You turn off your alarm with the intention of getting up – honestly! Only to wake up approximately two hours later having missed your the only lecture you needed to attend for the day. And of course it was the introductory module lecture, the one which doesn’t actually require any attention.
  • Or, you wake up ten minutes before the lecture starts, and you genuinely consider calling a taxi. And you live on campus…
  • You actually make it in to uni on time, but insist on napping in between lectures to avoid getting your cranky face on – no one needs to see that.
  • Accepting that you can’t just can’t get a degree in sleep, and so you stay up all night to do your work, cause, #logic.
  • Turning up to a seminar with toothpaste down your top and half a breakfast bar still in your bag. Aaaaaaaaaand your laptop’s dead. Should’ve just stayed in bed.
  • You’ve missed so many seminars your lecturer might actually think you’re dead, so really, you should go.
  • After shuffling over to the window and peeking out the blinds to see a grey sky about to drop a massive load of wet, cold rain? Well, I’m afraid it’s a nope from me.
  • Summer is so close, yet so far. Sleeping would definitely be a great way to kill that time: you think to yourself as you wish with all the power in your heart that you were born a sloth.

The moral of the story is yes, sleep will always come first, but your side chick, education, will only be temporary.

Sleep is forever. Sleep is bae (<—- a common sign you should probably attend your lectures).



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