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Winter Shopping for Men


After what could be described as an extended summer, winter is now firmly upon us all. You could argue that it is autumn, but the rate at which the weather has changed and the unrelenting cold makes me think that this transitional period is merely a mild form of winter.

Regardless of the season, it is that time of year when one has to prepare themselves for the cold and bitter weather.  One way of accomplishing this is to ensure that the appropriate attire is worn to combat the weather at all times.

Dressing for the winter can be a bit dull and boring as people tend to pile on layers and wear longer garments. But you can still maintain your fashionable flair this season, here are a few tips s to help you stand out whilst keeping yourself comfortable and warm this festive period.

Turtle Necks

The turtleneck, or for those who are more traditional the ‘polo-neck’ pullover, is a very versatile garment. It can be worn in many different ways unbeknown to most. In addition to that, it comes in a number of styles, cuts and weights of fabric, adding to its versatility.  So you are bound to get your money’s worth when you invest in one, as there are many ways to keep your look fresh.


From Left: ASOS Turtleneck Jumper (Burgundy) // Lindbergh Roll-neck Jumper // River Island Roll-neck Jumper with Zips. (All available from ASOS)

A turtleneck typically comes in two styles; the simple turtleneck, which has a smaller collar covering the neck, and the roll-neck, which has a longer collar folded over itself. Nowadays there are also avant-garde styles, which those who are aficionados of clothing from Zara in particular, should be familiar with.


From Left: River Island Chunky Knit Roll-neck // ASOS Merino Roll-neck Jumper // ASOS Roll-neck Jumper with Cable Knit. (All available from ASOS)

 The weight (thickness of the fabric) also determines the style of the turtleneck. A chunky, heavier cable knit pullover offers a different aesthetic to a lighter fabric. Heavier pullovers tend to look more flattering as the bulkiness of the fabric makes the garment look more structured around the body.

 Ideally, owning two or three will do, but even one is enough, it all depends on your budget. If you can get multiple pullovers, it would be smart to get at least two in the same style with differing colors and then another in a completely different style.

As with the images used, all of the garments on this page (and many others) can easily be found on ASOS. There are many other retailers who stock turtlenecks, but be sure to use discretion when deciding where and what to buy, especially when it comes to quality.

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