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A Drink with: Jacob Fields, Loughborough 1st XV Rugby Union Hooker


We sit down in an off-beat, rugged looking bar on the edge of town. Dimly lit, with the sound of pool balls being knocked around, and the unfortunate smell of too many pints spilt on the floor, we chat.

How is the training regime here at Loughborough?

Yeah I’d say it’s pretty good. We have two early gym sessions a week, and two late evening sessions. And we have a mid-afternoon skill session on a Wednesday. Training’s quite tough and intense, but it’s what’s needed at this level.

You’ve represented Bath as well as Loughborough. What’s the highlight of your playing career so far?

I’d probably say it was getting promoted for a club, whilst I was on loan for Bath.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I have a role model as such, but I’d say someone who’s helped me a lot and guided me through while I was at Bath was a guy called Lee Murs.

You suffered a neck injury following a scrum collapsing. How did you come back from such an injury?

It’s tough, because injuries concerning your neck – well you can’t move it around, or do much. Through intense rehab, stretches and basically keeping myself busy led to my recovery.

What’s your diet like?

I try eating a lot. I’m not much of a calorie-counter, but I try to get a good three meals in a day.

Any advice for aspiring youngsters?

I’d say don’t give up, just keep trying. No matter what level you’re playing, give it your all.

How do you cope with pressure in a match?

Being processed-orientated, so not really thinking about the bigger picture. Thinking about the small little processes, regarding any technical aspects of my game.

What do you think of the LSU exec video?

No comment.

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