In the next instalment of her café adventures, Label writer Kayleigh John heads to a student favourite: Fifty-Three.

This week, I ventured into the Fifty-Three café on Storer Road. I’ve been here several times before – mostly because it’s quite close to where I live in town – but I’ve only ever tried the savoury items off their menu. Therefore, I was very keen to finally taste something from the tempting array of sweet treats they have available. The café sells everything from brownies to blondies, slices of cookie pies to the biggest muffins I think I have ever seen. If only I had the budget to buy one of everything!

When I arrived at the café, there were only a couple of other people sitting in, but it had just started to snow so I’m assuming a lot of people were put off coming out in the wintry weather! I would have been too, had the café not been such a conveniently short walk for me to make.

If you weren’t already aware, it will be Easter in several weeks’ time, and the Fifty-Three café was definitely embracing the Easter spirit. There were mini eggs, creme eggs, and caramel eggs in the majority of the baked goods they had on the counter that day. As a massive fan of Easter chocolate, I couldn’t resist trying one of  those particular treats. They wouldn’t be around for much longer so it was now or never!

After a quick browse, my gaze settled on the row of cookie pies. They had slices of a Nutella and Kinder Bueno cookie pie, something which I had recently attempted baking, and the result was very impressive if I do say so myself! Then I noticed their other cookie pie flavour: Cadbury’s mini eggs! Easter chocolate and a cookie pie, what more could a girl ask for?

So, I ordered a slice of the mini egg cookie pie and a cup of tea and then took a seat. The staff at Fifty-Three are so friendly and they automatically give you table service, which, if you’re slightly lazy and don’t enjoy standing around waiting like me, is a big bonus. Whilst I waited, I set up my laptop and my uni work. I’ve realised now that nothing motivates me more to write my dissertation than a delicious sweet treat beside me. If you’re struggling to write your diss and have a sweet tooth like me, I would highly recommend working on it in one of the plethora of Loughborough cafés!

It wasn’t long before my tea and cookie pie arrived. The tea was lovely as always, but the cookie pie was incredible! A chewy chocolate chip cookie casing, a rich Nutella-like chocolate spread filling crammed with Cadbury’s mini eggs… it was truly delicious and definitely something I will be attempting to recreate in the future!

The overall verdict? The Fifty-Three is cute and cosy with a wide variety of sweet and savoury items, and an equally broad selection of hot and cold drinks. It’s also very close to campus, so not as far a walk as most of the other cafés in the town centre. If you’re looking for an Easter treat, head there right now before they’re all gone!

Articled Edited by: Izzie Naish – Editor

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