Sari gives her predictions on this Springs Fashion Trends! Now FW23 fashion season is well underway all around the world, cities have been filled with the coolest streetwear of spring 2023. The ‘comfort-first’ look that we got used to during the pandemic seems to stay, as we observe baggy, oversized clothing, practical pants and comfortable trainers taking over spring.


A Y2K staple, but instead of the low-rise trend of the 2000s, HIGH-RISE IS BACK! More comfortable than ever and with as many pockets as possible! Top tip: if you don’t want to spend astronomical prices on high fashion pieces but want quality, Vinted has recently been popping with funky cargo pants.

Image 1: Harper’s Bazaar, Images 2 & 3: NYLON


We’re convinced that ballet-core is the new cottage core. Ballet flats, heels, wraparound tops, leg warmers – INCRED! Why not pair it with a classic blazer or office trousers for a more put-together elegant look? It’s my personal favourite of the season and a trend my inner 6-y/o ballet kid can’t wait to try! Although the flats and sheer tops will be more wearable once the weather gets warmer, ballet-style layering is something to experiment with, even in the colder months. Tutus peaking out undercoats? Leg warmers layered over jeans or even tops? Heck yes!

Left Images: VOGUE; Middle Images: @camillecharriere (insta); Right Images: @poppyalmond (Insta)


The Lboro Uni purple and pink tracksuits… fashionable? Who knew?! (We’ve all worn them to lectures before, admit it!) Athletic street-style and sports team tanks worn with cargo pants are becoming a surprisingly fashionable pairing. So why not whip out those AU Club shirts and turn them into fashion statement pieces?

Image 1: VOGUE, Images 2 & 3: NYLON


70s flower-power crochet is back. But this time – the more ragged-y the look, the better! This means you can easily upcycle older or even torn crochet pieces found in second-hand stores or your family archive. The “destroyed” look adds to the flair! You can even use it to add some extra spice to existing clothing pieces, like jackets or jeans, or even mend any holes and make it all look intentional. Crochet balaclavas will also be seen protecting our faces from the cool March/April breeze.

Images: ELLE Fashion and NYLON

Written by: Sari Bencze (Label Volunteer)

Edited by: Caitlin Phillips (lifestyle editor)

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