Loughborough claimed an almost clean sweep over Durham on Sunday 26th February in the varsity competition. Sports editor, Jasmine Trapnell reports on the success of the day!

Sunday 26th February saw Loughborough claim, once again, varsity victory over Durham. Winning a total of 10 out of 11 games, Loughborough just could not be touched.

The results from the day are as below:

  • Men’s football = Loughborough Win 4-1 (Cayley)
  • Women’s football (friendly) = Loughborough Win 14-3 (Shivering Sharks)
  • Men’s Basketball = Loughborough Win 93-65 (Royce)
  • Women’s Basketball = Loughborough Win 49-16 (Telford)
  • Netball = Loughborough Win 73-16 (Bakewell)
  • Volleyball = Loughborough Win 3-1 (Telford)
  • Men’s Hockey = Loughborough Win 1-0 (Bakewell)
  • Women’s Hockey = Durham Win 2-1 (Telford)
  • Futsal = Loughborough Win 16-5 (Rutherford)
  • Badminton = Loughborough Win 8-7 (Royce)
  • Women’s squash = Loughborough Win 5-0 (Faraday)

Game after game, Loughborough dominated – but two stand out results were from netball with Robert Bakewell winning by 57 points, and women’s squash with Faraday winning all 5 matches.

The results from varsity show the strength of the IMS programme at Loughborough! Well done to all the students who competed, representing not just their hall but Loughborough.

With Durham Varsity done, All Star trials started today. We look forward to one of the best weekends of the year in Loughborough – All Stars weekend 20th and 21st May 2023. 

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sports Editor)

Designed by – Sarim Mangi (Head of Design)


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