With the start of a new academic year, Label Volunteer, Rachel Curtis, sets out some tips and tricks to make your new room, more you!

Moving to university for the first time can be overwhelming and your uni room can help you settle in and feel at home. I’m now in my final year and having done 3 move-ins including after a year of placement, there are a few tips and tricks that I used when moving into university which can make your room homely, and somewhere you feel comfortable in.

  1. Familiar smells and sounds

Surrounding yourself in smells that you like and remind you of home can distract your brain from the sudden change in environment and help to bridge the gap. I also listened to my family playlist when I first moved into university. Surrounding yourself in home comforts can really help too – whether it’s your favourite book, your game console, or a cuddly toy you’ve had since you were young, make sure you bring it! There may be times when you need a little sense of home and this is a great way to have that reminder even if you are far away from home.

  1. Don’t be scared to move furniture around!

Feel free to move your bed or desk around in your room. Little changes like these can make a huge difference to things like productivity. I recently moved around my whole room and it feels like a fresh start and can really improve productivity. There is nothing worse than leaving all your work until the last minute (although I am guilty of this) yet keeping a new, fresh environment can help to maintain a clear mind.

  1. Invest in nice bedding and towels

Having soft, comfortable bedding definitely makes a difference in improving your downtime/sleep in your room. Cozy throws from Wilko/Primark are a big shout and are very affordable so won’t break the bank!

  1. Put up photos

Having familiar faces around you of your friends, family and/or pets can make you feel safe and remember your fond memories together. In halls, you will likely have a pinboard but photo frames/command strips work too. I kept my pinboard about half-full so I had a chance to fill it up with even more memories as the year rolled around!

  1. Keep your space tidy-ish

We all have heard the phrase “tidy room, tidy mind”, but it is true! Maintaining a clean, tidy-ish environment can really help to stay motivated. Sometimes it is nice to have a break from uni work and just refresh your room – clean bedding, hoover floor, room spray and clear your desk of washing up – really makes a difference!

Adjusting to your new life at university can be hard, so little things like this can really help to make the transition a little bit easier. Hopefully using a couple of these tips will make your life at university a little bit happier. Good luck!



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