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LSU Media is a subsidiary organisation of Loughborough Students’ Union (charity number 1183625). Loughborough Students’ Union is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number 12000783), whose registered office is at Union Building, Ashby Road, Loughborough LE11 3TT.

The status of LSU Media is defined by the LSU Articles of Association and its connected bye-laws. The day-to-day operation of the Section is outlined through our Constitution and Policies, which are updated at our members’ Annual General Meeting.

LSU Articles of Association (Effective May 2019)

LSU Media Constitution and Policies (V2.1 Effective July 2020)

Policy Documents

LSU Media and its constituent sections (Label Magazine, Loughborough Campus Radio, Lens Photography, Loughborough Students’ Union Television) aim to uphold the highest editorial standards possible. Through being a member, our journalists, writers, and editors abide by the IPSO Code of Practice and if affiliated to the NUJ, their code of conduct.

LSU Media Editorial Guidelines (V1.2 Effective June 2020)

NUJ Code of Conduct (Effective 2011)

IPSO Editor’s Code of Practice (Effective 2016)

As part of the LSU Media Centre, members are given the opportunity to book equipment for Media projects. In booking LSU Media Equipment, the individual takes full responsibility for any damages or losses and agrees to the following Booking Terms and Conditions.

LSU Media Equipment Booking Terms and Conditions (V1.2 Effective June 2020)

Media Executive Committee Minutes

The LSU Media Executive Committee (formerly LSU Media Senate until 2019) meets fortnightly and sets the strategic direction for the organisation. According to our constitution, minutes will be published within two weeks of approval. Further details of Media Executive meetings can be requested by emailing the Chair.

Academic Year 2020-21

Media Chair: Cameron Glenwright

2020-21: Semester 1

Exec Minutes 2020-07-03

Exec Minutes 2020-09-03

Exec Minutes 2020-09-14

Exec Minutes 2020-09-25

Exec Minutes 2020-10-14

Exec Minutes 2020-10-28

Exec Minutes 2020-11-11

Exec Minutes 2020-11-25

Exec Minutes 2020-12-09

2020-21: Semester 2

Exec Minutes 2021-02-05

Exec Minutes 2021-02-24

Exec Minutes 2021-03-10

Exec Minutes 2021-03-24

Exec Minutes 2021-04-21

Exec Minutes 2021-05-19

Academic Year 2019-20

Media Chair: Christopher Leroux

2019-20: Semester 1

Exec Minutes 2019-07-16

Exec Minutes 2019-08-20

Exec Minutes 2019-09-11

Exec Minutes 2019-09-23

Exec Minutes 2019-10-16

Exec Minutes 2019-10-30

Exec Minutes 2019-11-13

Exec Minutes 2019-11-27

Exec Minutes 2019-12-11

2019-20: Semester 2

Exec Minutes 2020-02-05

Exec Minutes 2020-02-19

Exec Minutes 2020-03-04

Exec Minutes 2020-03-18 (Remote)

Exec Minutes 2020-05-11 (Remote)

Exec Minutes 2020-06-18 (Remote)

Annual General Meeting 2020-07-20 (Remote)

Academic Year 2018-19

Media Executive Officer: Jasmine Jefferies

2018-19: Semester 1

Senate Minutes 24-09-18

Senate Minutes 08-10-18

Senate Minutes 17-10-18

Senate Minutes 24-10-18

Senate Minutes 02-11-18

Senate Minutes 07-11-18

Senate Minutes 16-11-18

Senate Minutes 21-11-18

Annual General Meeting 04-12-18

Senate Minutes 05-12-18

Senate Minutes 09-01-19

2018-19: Semester 2

Senate Minutes 06-02-19

Senate Minutes 15-02-19

Senate Minutes 20-02-19    

Senate Minutes 06-03-19

Senate Minutes 15-03-19

Senate Minutes 22-03-19

Senate Minutes 29-03-19

Senate Minutes 01-05-19

General Meeting 15-05-19

Senate Minutes 29-05-19

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