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Marketing Officer

Duties and responsibilities

• Be responsible for the social media output of LSU Media, mainly on Instagram Stories.
• Create promotional material for LSU Media
• Oversee and lead a subcommittee of designers and marketers from each section.
• Understand the importance of being a member of LSU Media Executive, the top level of governance within the section.


• Having the opportunity to help shape the marketing and branding structure.
• Leading a team of enthusiastic and talented volunteers to work towards a common goal.
• Gaining an insight into the world of corporate and financial negotiation.

Useful previous experience

• Experience of working with external clients as part of a group, organisation or company.
• Ability with software such as InDesign and Photoshop preferable.
• Having a degree of creative control over the visible output of LSU Media, under brand guidelines.
• Good understanding of LSU Media and its sections.

Average time commitment

• Around 12 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Similar industry roles

• Marketing Consultant
• Media and Communications Officer
• Brand Ambassador

Fill in the application form here. Deadline is 24th April.

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