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Technical Officer

Duties and responsibilities

• Responsible for recruiting technical volunteers for Media
• Be responsible for management of all digital data stored on Media servers and lead archiving of material
• Aiding Technical Staff with regular auditing of all Media equipment, identifying new equipment to purchase and Informing Senate of technical developments within Media
• Facilitating the setup of outside broadcasts and events for LSUTV & LCR, and creating more technical opportunities for volunteers
• Oversee, along with the Media Chair, the overall structure and output of the LSU Media website and social media outlets.
• Act as a general sub-editor to control the content that is uploaded to the website.
• Manage relevant committee members in each section and control access levels to the website back-end.


• Get hands on experience with a wide range of industry standard equipment
• Develop knowledge of varying technical aspects of Media industry

Useful previous experience

• Experience of working as part of a team and managing people.
• Previous committee or Senate position preferable.
• Able to get on with tasks with relative autonomy when necessary.
• Good understanding of LSU Media and its sections.
• Technical aptitude required

Average time commitment

• Around 15 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Similar industry roles

• Broadcast Engineer
• Audio/Visual technician
• IT Systems Manager
• Technical Director
• Technical Coordinator
• Radio Systems manager

Fill in the application form here. Deadline is 24th April.


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