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LSUTV Station Manager

Duties and responsibilities

• Run the LSUTV committee and chair LSUTV committee meetings.
• Have the final say on the content and direction of LSUTV’s output.
• Liaise with Media Production and Training staff for technical and training purposes.
• Understand the importance of being a member of LSU Media Senate, the top level of governance within the section.


• Leading one of the most successful student TV stations in the country.
• Having the chance to network with peers and those in industry through alumni links and NaSTA.
• Gaining an insight into TV industry.
• Having an important say in the direction of an established TV Station in the challenging times of online saturation and user-created content.

Useful previous experience

• Previous LSUTV committee position preferable, or at the very least at least a year of being a committed contributor.
• At least a rudimentary understanding of the in-house equipment and the IT infrastructure at LSU Media.
• Ability to make big decisions when necessary and knowing when to refer decision up to the Media Executive Officer.
• A keen interest in Loughborough, the university/college and Loughborough Students’ Union.

Average time commitment

• Around 15 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Similar industry roles

• Station Manager
• Channel Controller
• Editor
• Commissioner

Fill in the application form here. Deadline is 24th April.


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