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Feeling creative? Got something to say? Whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner, LSU Media can help to turn your vision into reality! For more information, check out our Facebook page, drop us a message, or come to our office in the Students’ Union and say hi!

Your elected Media Chair this year is Chris, who works alongside our fantastic Intern Robyn! Feel free to pop into the office and have a chat to find out what Media is all about, or just to have a look round! You can meet the rest of our committee here! If you haven’t yet, why not get yourself a Media membership? It gets you loads of perks, including being able to use our equipment, attend our socials and get involved with all that LSU Media has to offer! You can even get yourself a fancy t-shirt…

Chris Leroux

LSU Media Chair 2019-20

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If you want to write an article, a review, report on events, or even create a quiz, Label is the perfect digital platform on which to share your thoughts and have them seen by thousands.

Anna Cooper

Label Editor 2019-20

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Broadcast from our studios to make your voice heard with Loughborough Campus Radio (LCR). We’ve been the home of a variety of student ideas and thoughts since 1973, from political debate to live sport to music shows. Got something to say? Say it with us!

Will Reynolds

LCR Station Manager 2019-20

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Take your photography to the next level with Lens. Our range of training courses, engaging shoots and diverse events, along with our professional equipment and facilities, will help you create stunning images, whether you’re an expert or an absolute beginner!

LSU Media

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Whether you’re into documentaries, comedies, dramas, or you’d like to do a live broadcast, you can make your next video with LSUTV!

Joshua Gray

LSUTV Station Manager 2019-20

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Hall & Department Media

For anyone living in one of Loughborough’s sixteen halls or involved in one of our fantastic departments, Hall & Department Media is everywhere! Taking shape in every possible form of media, every hall and department relies on their Media Representatives and SIOs to be the best form of communication. There to make sure you’re up to date with what the committee is planning; Hall & Department Media create top quality posters, videos, magazines, photography and websites.

LSU Media

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