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Politics Text reading 'The Trial of Benjamin Netanyahu' on a blue background

Despite having been asked to form a government, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently on trial. Leah Langley looks at the charges…

Politics Orange text reading 'crime bill protests' on a black and grey background

Having caused great controversy, the ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ has been hailed by some as a necessary step and criticised by others as…

Politics Text reading 'What's going on in Myanmar?' on the flag of Myanmar

Although the protests have been mentioned in the news, COVID-19 once again dominates the headlines, leaving many not sure about what is actually happening in…


Having virtually disappeared from the political arena since his replacement took office, the question of everyone’s minds is still ‘what next for Donald Trump?’. Volunteer…

Politics Pink speech bubble on a blue background with text reading "Harry and Meghan: Should we care?"

Label volunteer Amy Frith gives us her opinion on the ongoing Royal Family ‘scandal’ and answers the titular question: should we care? The ‘tell-all’ interview…

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