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Is ‘body neutrality’ the new ‘body positivity’? Label volunteer, Olivia Connelly, explores the updated term, whether it is more inclusive, and if it is here…

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Between overworking, being constantly “switched on”, and juggling the many facets of life, burnout is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon. Label volunteer, Jennie Baxendale, writes…

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Fast fashion has long been a growing environmental and economic concern within the fashion industry. With well-known fast fashion brands becoming increasingly popular, Label volunteer, Jennie Baxendale,…

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The Canada Truck protests, which have also been referred to as the ‘Freedom Convoy’ have ended after 3 weeks. This article will look at why…

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With the French Presidential elections taking place on the 10th April, all the candidates have begun their campaigns. So, what is the French Election System?…

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With expectations weighting upon women post-partum regarding their careers, appearance and the question of returning to their pre-pregnancy body, Label volunteer, Rebecca Pearson, explores the conversation around…

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