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Label Music Black record disc as the background, with a yellow centre and the text "album on repeat" in black

With new albums being released each week, there is an abundance of music for you to listen to. Some albums in particular tend to stick…

Label Music Black background with a Grammy award on the left and the text '2021 Grammy Awards Results' on the right, with the word 'Grammy' in Gold

Label volunteer, Leah Langley, outlines the results of the 2021 Grammy Awards, as well as providing her own opinion on the ceremony. The 63rd Grammy…

Label Music Grey car driving on a road on a gloomy night, with the text, "the rise of olivia rodrigo" in a white glow in the top third of the image

Label’s Head of Design, Christos Leo Alamaniotis, gives us an account on Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping single, ‘drivers license’, and her success, with the help of…

Label Music Green background, with different coloured bunting going across the top third of the image, a white outline of a festival set tent in the centre, with the centred text 'Glastonbury 2021 Cancelled' in blue

Label volunteer, Leah Langley, writes about the recent cancellation of Glastonbury Festival 2021, reminiscing some of the famous Glastonbury sets of the past. Perhaps unsurprisingly,…

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