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Culture Multicoloured vines in the background with the text 'NATURE'S MEANING'

Nature is all around us but we do we truly take in their meaning and significance? Label volunteer, Rebecca Pearson, shares what her favourite plants/flowers and…

Label Music Black record disc as the background, with a yellow centre and the text "album on repeat" in black

With new albums being released each week, there is an abundance of music for you to listen to. Some albums in particular tend to stick…

Culture Pink background and in the middle is the text 'APRIL FOOLS DAY'

Volunteer writer, Sebastian Wieneke, shares the speculative origins of April Fool’s Day as well as pranks/hoaxes that have been pulled before. On the first of…

Culture Beige background with the text 'leaning languages'

Label volunteer, Rebecca Pearson, shares her experience of learning French during Lockdown and how leaning a new language can be beneficial. At the start of…

Culture Picture of Shakespeare on the left and on the right says 'shakespeare week'

Label volunteer, Rebecca Pearson, shares her favourite Shakespearean plays and adaptations as this past week was Shakespeare week. Since Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, and collaborated on…

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