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Label News Graduates celebrating in a huddle

Lockdown restrictions are easing, leading many students who are finishing their degrees this year (and last year) to wonder what’s happening with Graduation this summer. …

Label News pink flower on pale pink background, with the words 'brca1 previvors' written on top in blue text

Despite breast cancer being an important issue for women, many are unaware of the BRCA gene mutation and what they mean for those who are…

Politics Text reading 'The Trial of Benjamin Netanyahu' on a blue background

Despite having been asked to form a government, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently on trial. Leah Langley looks at the charges…

Label News black arrow on a blue background, with progress for new zealand written over the top

Returning Label volunteer writer Leah Langley enlightens us on New Zealand’s next success: the introduction of paid leave following a miscarriage.  New Zealand has been…

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