Label’s Friday ‘Student Living’ article is brought to you by Cathryn Antoniadis and features some quick tips about uni life.

1.       Don’t burn yourself out doing too much at once. Life at Loughborough can get very busy when you’re trying to fit everything in, and get the most of the SU. It sounds obvious, and seems boring, but make sure you get enough sleep.  7-9 hours is usually recommended.

2.       Cook with or for friends to save money. When it comes to buying ingredients and washing up, this saves money and time. Everyone can join in towards the ingredients and you can always pull the excuse that ‘you cooked’ to get out of washing up.

3.       On nights out, avoid taking out any cards you don’t need to. This is the best way to avoid losing anything important. If possible, take money out before you leave and give yourself a certain amount that you can spend.

4.       Agree on ‘heating’ times.  If you’re living in town and are in control of the heating in your house, set your heating to come on and off at set times each day/night. In the long term, this saves a lot of money, and you might even get money back if you’re paying ‘all inclusive’.

5.       Double-think offers. As a student, it can be tempting to go for every offer you see, but keep in mind whether you’ll actually eat or drink things in time before the sell-by date.

Cathryn Antoniadis


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