Butler Court:

Butler’s theme is 'Butler to the Future' which links to the film 'Back to the Future'. Although it is over 25 years since the first film was released, it is still a film that many people have either heard of or seen. By using the same font style as the original, the word 'Butler' works seamlessly with their design. 'Butler to the Future' is a strong theme, and shows that they are always striving to be better in the future which shows a great hall ethic! 

“With a total change from our theme last year; we decided to go old school with our theme linking to Back to the Future. We think ‘Butler to the future’ is a strong theme this year and shows that Butler is always striving to be better and greater than the year before! With a strong committee this year we feel that ‘Butler to the Future’ is a theme which will help us win the sing off. With our Hall Chair leading our committee, fresher helpers and most importantly the freshers in the Sing Off, we will be a force to be reckoned with!” – Butler Court Committee.



In keeping with the Royce army theme, which has been their theme for the last few years, Royce has gone with 'Radioactive Royce – Royce Army goes Nuclear'. Keeping with the 'tradition' of army gives the hall a strong identity which all years can relate to. 

“Royce Hall’s theme is a tradition. We are the only hall to celebrate our history every year with the same theme, The Royce Hall Army. This doesn’t however, stop us from varying it slightly. This year, the Royce Army is going nuclear, we are Radioactive Royce. Being nuclear, we are going to rule the sing off with our props, going to radiate in the Union and be an army unit! This year, Royce will reclaim the sing off!” – Royce Committee


William Morris:

Bill Mo, like Royce, is sticking to their theme 'tradition' of 'Bill Mo..'. A clever play on their Hall’s nickname that has given them 'Bill Monsters' and 'Bill Monarchy' in the past. This year their theme is 'Bill Moshers'. Moshers are defined as being loving, friendly, not needing to justify themselves. This idea is a positive one as its very open, and encompasses a range of positive traits, however with the moshers come mosh pits.. 

"Following on from our strong theme from last year which won us the sing off we thought we need to go for another stand out theme this year. Moshers means loud, mad and out there. We believe it’s a great theme for the sing off in particular with lots of rock songs to help us win it again!" – Bill Mo Committee



Rig-Rutt has gone with 'Hazlerig-Rutland: Hall of Steel' linking to the recent film 'Man of Steel'. With Rig Rutt winning Hall of the Year last year the theme only seems fitting as it shows the Hall as being strong throughout all aspects of university life. A strong visual identity can be made with this theme, thanks to the strong imagery of Superman. 

"Following on from Rigg-Ruts crowning as Hall of the Year last year, we have gone with 'Hall of Steel', playing on the 'Man of Steel' Superman film. It shows that while we may be small, we are most definitely mighty!

The unbeatable man representing the unbeatable hall!" – Hazlerigg Rutland Committee


Harry French:

Another Hall going with a Superhero theme, Harry French has chosen to link their theme to the recent 'Avengers Assemble' film and their theme is 'Frenchers assemble'. By calling them 'Frenchers' this gives a community feel to their Hall and shows the meaning of university halls by being one team and all getting along!

"Taking its lead from the biggest film of 2012, Harry French has assembled to form Frenchers Assemble! Storming Freshers 2013 this year with a focus on giving all its residents one of the best years in HF history. With huge socials, as well as continued domination in Action, Media, Rag and IMS, this year’s Freshers will be in for treat with one of the best fresher plans packaged in THE best theme on and off campus." – Harry French Committee



'369: Rise of an Empire' is Faraday’s theme taken from the film '300: Rise of an Empire' which will be released in 2014 (and which, to be fair, does look pretty good). Another Hall going with an army/war related theme from the student village! Will have to wait and see if their 'empire' does rise up and beat the competition in the Sing off!

“Our theme this year is a take on Spartan 300. The new film to soon be released is called ‘The Rise of the Empire’. With Faraday expanding, becoming bigger and better than ever, what better theme to lead our army into the sing off. 

As the film was originally called 300 we have adapted the Logo to ‘369’ as there are 369 people in Faraday Hall this year. Faraday is the biggest that it has ever been. Therefore this year the competitive hall may come with even more of a kick and watch out for “The Rise of the Empire on Campus.” – Faraday Committee


Robert Bakewell:

'Bobby's University' is Bakewell’s theme this year. It is another current theme linking to the 'Monsters University' film out this year. Everyone would have seen Monsters Inc. as a child when it was released 12 years ago which makes this theme quite nostalgic in that sense, but now it is modernised and a great theme to link with university! 

"Drawing on the success of the film Monsters University, Robert Bakewell decided to go with a theme that runs perfectly in sync with the new release. We rebranded the theme Bobby's University after our mascot Bobby Bear and have Freshers as tear-away monsters experiencing a new freedom of which they will now be exposed to in their University career. We have three awesome characters with 3 incredible t-shirt designs and some great props for the Sing Off. As the theme is so current, we hope that we can make Robert Bakewell freshers week the best of all the halls and victory in the sing off would be an absolute treasure to start the year off with." – Robert Bakewell Committee



Another blast from the past theme, Telford is going with 'Top Gun: Telford' using the film 'Top Gun' as their reference. This theme, like Butler’s, was released before most of the Freshers were even born, however it is still a well known film amongst many of us today.  Another army/war related theme, which shows the Hall’s fighting spirit to be the best.

“Our freshers theme this year is 'Top Gun' based on the 1980's film which follows the story of the fighter pilot Maverick. A highly successful film, it shows the need for teamwork and dedication which is of importance in freshers- particularly at the all important Sing-Off. The aviator jumpsuits also fit in with Telford's traditional green colour and who doesn't look good in a pair of Aviator glasses? Telford's hall spirit has always been one of a kind, but this year is Telford's year. Being bigger and better than ever, we wanted a theme to reflect this. Telford Freshers are going to be fun, fit and full of fighting Telford spirit, so the other halls better be ready!” – Telford Committee


Elvyn Richards:

Elvyn has gone for a very nostalgic and retro theme 'Super Elvyn Bros' which is a take on 'Super Mario Bros'. Another theme from the 1980s, Mario is a childhood favourite platform game, and even today its 'legend' continues. 

“This year, Elvyn Richards has adopted the theme of Super Elvyn Bros, which is our take on one of the most entertaining and fun games of all time, Super Mario. As with the ever-popular Super Mario games which brought us nothing but good times and fun memories throughout our childhood, Elvyn is also all about the good times and fun memories that we'll hold with us even after graduating. Good times, great people and the best hall on campus is what we're all about. Also… Mario collects coins, and Elvyn has loads of them. Let'sa go Super Elvyn Bros!” – Elvyn Committee



Cayley has gone for ‘Cayley Convicts’ this year. This theme is quite different to the other Halls as it is broader than just a film. Convicts, usually depicted as criminals and rule-breakers, could be a daring theme for the Hall, but the different lifestyle at university, where one feels rebellious, works well with this theme.  

“For Freshers 2013, Cayley Hall will be undergoing the theme of Convicts. For many new students, university life is the first time properly away from home and anarchistic feelings are bound to be pulsing, so what more fitting theme is there than rule-breaking Convicts? Also, Cayley is known for being an exciting and slightly daring hall so we feel that this theme suits us perfectly. With a killer t-shirt design and crazy chants, moves and props for the Sing-off, Cayley Freshers 2013 is a winner. Let’s be honest, Cayley Convicts does have a ring to it.” – Cayley Committee


Falkner Eggington:

Falk Egg’s Theme ‘Anchorman: The Falk Egg Legend Continues’ is based on the film ‘Anchorman’ which was released in 2004. With ‘Anchorman 2’ coming out this year, they have chosen a popular and recent theme. With lots of one-liners and comedy moments this theme shows the fun side of Falk Egg.

“FALK EGG NEWS TEAM ASSEMBLE! In a matter of weeks, we have gone from being the smallest Hall on campus with about 150 residents, to one of the largest and strongest halls with almost 500 of us in total!
Recruiting from the Holt and Hotels, together we make an unstoppable force! So now we're ready to suit up and show everyone how it's done!

And remember, you stay classy Falk Egg.” – Falkner Eggington Committee


Rutherford has gone for ‘Rutherford Romans’ another army related theme, which most of the larger halls on campus have gone for this year. Another strong theme, which shows teamwork, power and a united front. 

“Our theme this year is Rutherford Romans. We Romans stand together, live together, and fight together. We cover each other’s weakness and promote our strengths. Our voices combined are louder than alone, and with this we shall crush our foes.” – Rutherford Committee


Towers’ theme this year is from across the pond. An American football theme sets them apart from the ‘typical’ Freshers theme and something quite different to the other Halls. This theme will give Towers a strong identity and link with the cheerleading side of American Football, their chants will be interesting to see.


“This year Towers hall has opted for an American football theme: think aggressive tunes and cheerleader style chants for the sing off. We took our name Towers Titans from the American football film “Remember the Titans”, which we felt reflects our hall`s family like spirit and gives us a sick theme for 2013. We have an incredibly keen committee and Fresher helper team this year, which will no doubt rub off onto the Freshers and hopefully secure us winners of the sing off 2013. Committee have worked hard over the summer to make sure that this Freshers is going to be incredible. We can’t wait to meet you all!” –Towers Committee

David Collett:

David Collett has chosen ‘DC Indahouse – Ali G’. DC is situated on the west side of campus which links well with this theme. This is another comedy theme to show the fun side of the Hall and one which makes this a ‘wicked’ theme. 

“DC's theme this year is Ali G. We chose this theme because it’s something very unique and has never been done before. Just like ALI G is from the Westside, DC is the only hall on campus which represents Loughborough University’s west side. We are 'massive' and 'wicked' just like ALI G, we have swag and we aren't afraid of showing it. We aren't afraid of being different and we have a whole lot of banter.” – David Collett Committee


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