‘Stuart’s marrying Angela tomorrow. Or, at least, he's supposed to be. Problem is, his stag night’s turned into a nightmare, he's a tearful, naked wreck in his own garden, and a man he’s just met is cornered, naked, by the neighbour's doberman…’

Just the description of this new comedy play shows you how brilliant EdA productions performance of ‘Out in the Garden’ is.  Written by James Neil Jones and directed by Adam Leigh Shea, ‘Out in the Garden’ is full of embarrassing families, awkward situations and classic laughs.  Add to that full male and female nudity, strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, and this is one play that is unsuitable for children, but definitely suitable for students!

Out in the Garden is being submitted for the National Student Drama Festival 2013, and its two nights in the Sir Robert Martin Theatre in Martin Hall are set to create quite a stir. The show started yesterday (January 25th) at 7.30pm, with another performance tonight (January 26th), so make sure you come down to enjoy it.  Tickets are £4, and you can book at edaproductions@hotmail.co.uk, or there will be a limited number available on the door.

Stuart – Toby Bartlett
Liam – Simon Butler
Ang – Grace Blackman
Susan – Rachel Dasley
Alex – Charlie Elding
Denise – Emma Gilbey

For more information, please email edaproductions@hotmail.co.uk or a.shea@lboro.ac.uk


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