The day to day life of a Towerite is unlike any other student in any other hall or even in any other university. It is unique.

It is unargued that Loughborough offers us THE best student experience in the whole country, and that hall life plays a huge part of making the Loughborough experience so amazing… this year Towers Hall has returned, back from our tour to the village, with a brand new refurbishment and a brand new flame of hall spirit unlike ever before.

To be a Towerite is initially scary. Being faced with the idea of potentially living 200 feet up in the air supported by nothing but 1960’s hard, cold, concrete engineering and staring out over miles of eerie, featureless, middle England countryside… not what everyone has in mind for the average hall life.

To get anywhere you know that either stairs or a lift is going to be involved, so if you have claustrophobia you better be fit, and knowing that at night when you fall asleep there are 309 other people sleeping under the same roof as you are… again an unusual thought to mull over when drifting off in your double bed.

Hall life at Towers is different, to some scary, and to others a complete turn off. But maybe different is a good thing? Anyone can live in a Royce/Faraday/Cayley block or a RiggRutt/Elvyn/Bakewell plush flat but only 310 people each year can say they have lived a unique life, not just unique of Loughborough but unique of most of the world.

Towers Hall is special. We offer potentially the most sociable situation on campus if not in the country. Where else can you live on a floor with rooms opening out onto a big social space, as if designed with games of ring of fire and inter room footy in mind? Where else can you live under one roof with 309 other potential best friend? Where else can you live which offers its own bar, common room, dining hall and a location with unarguably THE best sporting facilities in the country, THE best union in the country and all the other most important parts of university life right on your doorstep?

Towers Hall proves it’s the best, not just its design, layout, and location, but in its performance as a ‘family’ of students, with back to back awards in everything from internationalisation, environmental sustainability and media professionalism. This year Towers Hall has returned, fresher than ever before. We have left our mark on the hearts and minds of people all across campus and we are well and truly here to stay!


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