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LENS-LOGO-HQLens was introduced in 2014 by Bryn Wilkes, as part of his manifesto. Photography has long been a big part of LSU Media and it seemed only right to create a section for it in its own right. Lens cover anything and everything Loughborough, from LSU nights out, to sport, to style shoots, to special events at the union, university and college. They also liaise heavily with the other sections in LSU Media, probably none more so than Label, with whom they share a committee member.

Editor-in-Chief – Bryn Wilkes – lenseditorinchief@lsu.co.uk
Head of Lens – Bella Piggott – lenshead@lsu.co.uk
Assistant Head of Lens – Rhea Williams – lensassistanthead@lsu.co.uk
Head of Events – Ellen O’Grady – lensevents@lsu.co.uk
Head of Output – Lydia Payne – lensoutput@lsu.co.uk
Head of Sport – Tom Bolton – lenssport@lsu.co.uk
Head of Style – Emily Sainsbury – lensstyle@lsu.co.uk

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