Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There’s plenty of opportunities to get involved with LSU Media, even during the COVID-19 pandemic – from learning a new skill at one of our COVID-secure training sessions (available both online and in person) to getting involved at one of our projects, giving you skills and experience in the media industry.

At LSU Media, safety is of paramount importance, so all projects and training sessions will follow government guidelines along with measures to ensure that the equipment you use and the opportunities we provide are COVID-secure.

Under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (All Tiers) (England) Regulations 2020, exemptions are made for the “purposes of making a film, television programme, audio programme or audio-visual advertisement.” As such, broadcasts may continue under strong health and safety restrictions.

Sections and Content

Each of our student-run sections has their own plans for how they’re going to operate during COVID-19, alongside our own central planning.

Label (Student Publication)
Label will continue to work as normal, remotely. We’ll be updating our briefs on a regular basis in the Media Volunteers Group, continue to report breaking news stories about campus life (including daily COVID-19 statistics and stories), and members can still send their own articles or ideas direct to the Editor.
LCR (Student Radio)
LCR is back after the Summer, with new social distancing and COVID-safe measures in place. You can look forward to:

  • Live coverage of sports events
  • Hall shows
  • New and further developed, high-production-value podcasts
  • Collaborations with the University and Union to provide benefit to as many students as possible
  • Brand new training with expert guidance to kick start members’ careers in radio
  • A full schedule of fun and exciting shows and content, live on LCR

LCR Risk Assessment

Lens (Student Photography)
To ensure our volunteers can still get involved and gain experience this year, Lens have plans to safely carry out face to face teaching in a wide range of areas, from how to set up a camera, right through to shooting methods and editing! We’ll also be hosting photography events outdoors for members to get involved with.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have lots of experience, Lens will continue to cater for you, with online training also available for all of our student volunteers who are shielding or unable to attend in person training.

Lens Risk Assessment

LSUTV (Student Television)
LSUTV is your student TV station, and we cover the comings and goings of life here at Loughborough. As a broadcaster, LSUTV will be following the national TV Production Guidance:Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making“, which has been adopted by all broadcasters.

All of our filming will be risk assessed in line with current guidance and will operate under LSU and University COVID-secure guidelines. If guidance changes, we will reassess and make any necessary changes with the goal of continuing to provide opportunities for our volunteers and continuing to produce content.

LSUTV will resume production on a number of live broadcasts and projects which were put on hold over the longer-than-usual summer break. LSUTV will also continue to publish regular content, such as our regular news, sports and entertainment programmes.

LSUTV Risk Assessment

Office Access

From the 7th October, a maximum of eight volunteers are able to enter the LSU Media Centre at a time, outside of a national lockdown. The following rules will be in place alongside the LSU COVID-19 policy:

  • To come into the office you must have a project or training session to complete that cannot be completed remotely. The Media Centre can sadly no longer be a place for socialising due to capacity restrictions.
  • Any student partaking in Media activities will be required to use the LSU track and trace system, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the building.
  • To enter the office, you must also book a place through the LSU Media Booking System (sign up here). There are 4 bookable areas available:
    • Edit PC 1
    • Edit PC 2
    • Edit PC 4
    • LSUTV Gallery PC (LSUTV Advanced & Committee Only)
    • JCR Edit Suite PC (Lens & LSUTV Advanced & Committee Only)
  • When you arrive at LSU / the Media Centre, you must scan the NHS Track & Trace QR Code. If you do not have the app, you can check in at reception.
  • You must also sanitise your hands on entry. There is a hand sanitising station directly outside of the office. You must sanitise your hands before, during and after using any computers or desk space.
  • Face Coverings are mandatory (except with a medical reason) when walking around the building, in corridors, and in toilets. Masks can be removed once you are in your booked space.
  • Social Distancing whilst in the office is mandatory for all members and visitors. All available seats are 2m from others, and members should stick to their booked area whilst in the Media Centre, following all signs and floor markings. Rooms have clear capacity markings which should also be respected. Members should keep 2 metres from any other individuals. If this is not possible, other precautions such as face coverings should be worn.
  • Keyboards, mice and desks should be sanitised both before and after use.
  • You must not enter the building if you are showing symptoms, have tested positive or have not finished self-isolating.

Equipment Booking System

A number of changes have been made to the LSU Media Equipment Booking system for the new academic year, to comply with the COVID restrictions.


  • All LSU Media Members & LSU Staff can now sign up to Media Bookings using this form – not just Media Exec & Marketing! This is now a required process for all those who wish to book equipment or rooms once we are open again – this can no longer be done through an Exec member!
  • Accounts will be given permission to book different kit and rooms based on experience and training levels.

Reserving Rooms / Kit

  • When booking kit, users must now list all those using the room / equipment, so we know who is using each. This information can then be provided to LSU in the unlikely case of an outbreak. This is a compulsory field, and can not be skipped!
  • Reservations will also require users to agree to cancel their booking if they show symptoms, and to clean all kit touched after use.
  • Organisers will also have to agree to sign the relevant COVID risk assessments – these can be found on this page.
  • Edit computers have now been added to the system! These must be booked before using to keep numbers down. Only certain PCs will be available to book due to COVID Capacity restrictions.
  • All kit and room bookings will have to be approved by the Media Chair / Vice Chair / Technical Officer to ensure that there is enough of a gap between bookings, or that additional cleaning takes place.
  • Make sure your booking has been approved before attempting to access the equipment or room, as you will not be able to check in otherwise.

Checking In & Out

  • Users of rooms or kit must now check their bookings in and out each time. This will allow us to know when the individual arrived or left so to keep the Media Centre COVID-secure.
  • To do this, just log into the booking system & the check in button will show on your dashboard once the booking time has started. You can also scan one of the QR codes located in each room and follow the link.
  • Bookings of rooms and equipment will have a 30 minute window from the start of the booking to check out the kit/room, or the resource booking will be cancelled and the room put back into recirculation on the system. Computers have a 15 minute window.
  • Please make sure to check your equipment back in when you return it! 


We know that training is a vitally important part of being part of LSU Media, and the Coronavirus isn’t going to stop us delivering.

  • Training at LSU Media is being upgraded this year, to make it easier to understand what to complete next. Training will be mainly split into three ‘levels’ for each section – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – and we’re looking to have multiple sessions a week for each section.
  • All training will be delivered online (or in-person if this is not possible), and to the best of our ability in the circumstances. Certain sessions will not work in an online format, so we will be developing ways to keep such training COVID-secure.
  • Training sessions will include things such as:
    • Software skills
    • Equipment use
    • Creative sessions
  • We will update the LSU Media Volunteers Group with training once dates and times are confirmed.

Page last updated on April 26th 2021, and are subject to change due to Government guidelines.

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