Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, we get a ton of questions about LSU Media – on everything from live shows to stash – so here’s our attempt to answer as many as possible! Got a question we haven’t answered here? Feel free to get in contact with us here!

What is LSU Media?
LSU Media is the Creative Section of Loughborough Students’ Union. There are four parts of LSU Media: Label, LCR, Lens and LSUTV, each covering an area of the media industry. We offer opportunities for students to develop their creative industry skills in a practical way.
Where can I find you?
We are located upstairs in the Students’ Union past the Societies Office on the left. Click here for more information on how to contact us!
How old is LSU Media?
LSU Media celebrated our 20th anniversary year in 2019! The Media Centre was purpose built for us in 1999. You can find a list of our past section heads here!
I have a complaint
We’re sorry to hear that. Complaints about content should be directed at, while complaints about operational issues, personnel, or LSU more generally should be sent to


What is included with LSU Media Membership?
You gain access to our studios and equipment along with free access to our training sessions as well as the ability to volunteer at our events. You can find out more about what you get for your money here!
How much is Media Membership?
It varies depending on the year. In 2020-21 the standard membership price has been set at £25. In the 2019-20 Academic Year Media Membership was £35.
Where can I purchase Membership?
You can find out more about membership and purchase it here.
How long does membership last?
LSU Media membership starts on the day you buy it until the 30th June each year.
How do I get a refund?
Refunds issued are at the discretion of the Media Chair. Email with why you’d like a refund and we will see if we can help you.

Getting Involved

How do I get involved?
You must first buy a Media Membership to become a volunteer. Once you have a membership, you will have access to our training programme and facilities. You will also be able to participate in any media projects that interest you, which you can find on our volunteers group!
I don’t have any experience, can I still get involved?
Absolutely! We offer training sessions for any level of skill. We also offer out opportunities where you can learn on the job!
I want to make my own stuff but don’t want to volunteer at events, is this okay?
Yes absolutely! We don’t pressure anyone into volunteering at things they don’t want to. If you want to make your own content for yourself that’s great and you are welcome to once you have membership. However, LSU Media reserves the rights to anything you produce using our equipment and facilities so we may ask you for a copy of your work for us to use.
Can I use my own equipment at a media event?
Of course you can, however we do not take responsibility if your equipment gets lost or damaged whilst at one of our events.
Do I physically have to be in Loughborough to get involved?
No you don’t. Label is the easiest section to get involved in remotely, all you have to have is access to the internet and a word processor! You can also get involved with Lens by taking some photos and sending them to us to publish!
I want to get involved but I’m not sure what part of media I can get involved in.
That’s perfectly okay! We are happy to help you figure out what part of media you can get involved in – just come into the office or email us!
I’m making a short film, can you help me with that?
Yes we can, just pop us a message and we’ll see how we can help. You can also join our short film group here!
How do I host a radio show?
You must have completed some prerequisite training in order to use the radio studios. After you have done that and have an idea of a radio show you’d like to host you can pop an email to the LCR Station Manager here and they will help you on your way to being a presenter!
I want to create a podcast. Can you help?
Yes we can! We have set aside time in the radio studios so that they are free for people to come in and record podcasts. However radio shows will always take priority over podcasts.
I’m not sure if I want to get involved. Can I try Media out?
Yes you can. We offer all our volunteers a free taster session before they buy: Your free session could be a training workshop in the Adobe suite or maybe learning how to use our equipment. You might be a more ‘hands-on’ individual, in which case shadowing an experienced volunteer on a project might appeal to you more. The Media Section can work around you and your schedule, so feel free to email or come and have a chat in the Media Centre if you have any questions about getting involved.
I’m Alumni but still want to get involved!
That’s fantastic! Please either contact us to see how you can get involved, or join our Alumni group on Facebook!

Media Exec & Committees

How do I run for committee?
LSU Media holds three rounds of committee applications/elections. Round 1 is in February/March and is where we elect a Chair. Round 2 is the Media Executive Committee Appointments which occur in March/April and is where we appoint each section head and other roles. Round 3 is where we appoint our sub-committees and this occurs in April/May. Find out more about all of these here!
Who is on committee and who do I contact for what?
You can see who’s on the Exec committee and their contact details here. If you’re not sure who to speak to, just contact us and the right person will get back to you as soon as they can!

Events & Stash

What are the Media Awards?
The annual Media Awards are held towards the end of the academic year every year and celebrate everything we have achieved.
Does it cost money to go to the Media Awards?
Yes it does as the event is self-funding! The price varies each year – keep an eye out for our channels for further details about the event.
I’d like to buy some stash!
Awesome, we love stash here at LSU Media. You can see the stash available to buy here.
Do you have any socials?
Yes! We have a variety of socials which run throughout the year, including nights out, game nights, and even post-live-show pub trips! You’ll be able to find all about them on our volunteers’ group!

External Bookings, Projects & Equipment Use

I’m not part of media but would like your volunteers at my event
That’s great that you’d like us to help. Please fill in this form. Depending on the event and timing we may ask you to pay a small fee so that we can insure our equipment.
I want to use LSU Media content in my own project.
LSU Media believe in the fantastic power of the Creative Commons. However, we also understand that our volunteers need to be credited for their work. Therefore, we operate on a CC BY-NC-ND licence. This license allows re-users to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. You can find more information about our usage rights by contacting us.
I want to do the training but I don’t want to buy membership
That’s okay. Training to non-members is available at a fee which is changed each year! Feel free to contact us to find out about when training is on, and at what price!
I'm a Media Member and I want to book out kit for a project
If you’re a Media Member, you can register for our Bookings System here. To book out equipment, you’ll have needed to complete the requisite training (or have prior skills) before you’ll have access to book using our system!
Can I book out your equipment even though I’m not a member?
You can, however we charge a premium fee for such a service as we prefer to send our volunteers to help you rather than just giving you our equipment. Let us know your ideas here.
Do you allow guest posts on your website?
No. We’re a Student Media outlet and we only take articles from students and do not offer commercial or external articles.
Are you looking to buy our product?
Absolutely not, please stop emailing us about this 
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