LSU Media Annual General Meeting 2020

The LSU Media Annual General Meeting 2020 will take place on the 20th July 2020 at 3pm.

In this meeting we will be approving changes made to the Constitution, as well as ratifying our Executive Committee Members.

This year’s AGM will be virtual and through Zoom, with the link being emailed out to members and put onto the Volunteers’ Group closer to the time.

Only 2019-20 Committee Members, Executive Committee Members, and Hall & Department Reps/SIOs (if they also held a Media Membership) have a vote, however any member is entitled to attend and ask questions.

For those of you who can vote but cannot attend the Meeting, we encourage you to email your votes to If a voting member does not attend or send in a vote electronically, they will be counted as an abstention.

Update 20/7/20: Minutes from the 2020 AGM can now be found here.


  1. Apologies
  2. Welcome and Introductions – presented by Chris
  3. Financial Report – presented by Chris
  4. Executive Committee Reports – presented by Chris and Section Heads
  5. Review of updates to Policies – led by Chris
  6. Discussion and Vote on Constitution changes – led by Chris
  7. Ratification of oncoming Executive Committee – led by Chris
  8. One Year Plan – presented by Cameron
  9. Any Other Business

Documents for Approval

LSU Media Constitution v.2.1 and Policies

Media Executive Committee for Ratification

  • Chair – Cameron Glenwright
  • Vice Chair – Christopher Leroux
  • Label Editor – Emily Jackson
  • LCR Station Manager – Lucie Lewis
  • Head of Lens – Helen Forrest
  • LSUTV Station Manager – Ben Cooke
  • Technical Officer – Joshua Gray
  • Marketing Officer – Alicia Andrusyk
  • Wellbeing Officer – Natalie Doyle
  • Hall & Department Coordinator – Ellie Alaisha

Executive Committee Reports

LSU Media Annual Financial Report 2020

Media Chair AGM Report 2020

LSUTV SM AGM Report 2020

Lens Annual Report 2020

Wellbeing Report 2020

Hall&Dept Report 2020

Technical Annual Report 2020

Media Chair-Elect Plan 2020-21

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