The LSU Media Executive Committee runs the organisation and is formed of the Chair, Vice Chair and the heads of the 4 LSU Media Sections, alongside officers responsible for technical and operational issues.

If you’ve got any questions about Media, or about a specific section, you can find contact details for each Exec member below! We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you have! Want to get involved? The Media Chair is elected during the Exec Elections each winter, and applications for the rest of the committee positions open up around Easter each year.


Cameron Glenwright

LSU Media Chair 2020-21

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Chris Leroux

LSU Media Vice Chair 2020-21
LSU Media Chair 2019-20
Hall Media Coordinator 2018-19

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LSU Media Exec Section Heads


Emily Jackson

Label Editor 2020-21

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Lucie Lewis

LCR Station Manager 2020-21
LCR Station Manager 2018-19

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Helen Forrest

Head of Lens 2020-21

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Ben Cooke

LSUTV Station Manager 2020-21
LSU Media Technical Officer 2019-20

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LSU Media Exec Officers


Alicia Andrusyk

LSU Media Marketing Officer 2020-21

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Joshua Gray

LSU Media Technical Officer 2020-21 & former LSUTV Station Manager 2019-20. National Student Television Association Secretary 2020-21.

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LSU Media Committees

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