Lens Committee

Applications are now open for the 2019-2020 Lens Committee!

You can find out more about the individual roles available this year following the links below:



Assistant Head of Lens

Head of Sports

Head of Creative Shoots

Head of Events

Head of Training



Application Deadline: 24th June

To apply: fill out the form on the LSU website

For more information, contact the new Head of Lens: h.lucas-17@student.lboro.ac.uk



Below are the committee members at Lens, LSU’s photography section!

Feel free to contact any of them using their lsu emails. The format for lsu emails is: firstnamelastname@lsu.co.uk (for example David’s would be davidowens@lsu.co.uk )

David Owens, Head of Lens
Eleanor Smith, Assistant Head

(Gautham Kannan, Head of Training)
Haydon Lam, Head of Creative Shoots
Toby Clifford, Head of Sport
(Seana McAvoy, Head of Events)
Dhwani Dhwani, Label Chief Photographer

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