Lockdown 3.0: What are the rules for students?


Following Boris Johnson’s announcement last night, Label has investigated what this means for university students across the country.

The Prime Minister yesterday announced that England is to return to a national lockdown similar to the one in March, and the stay at home order has returned. University students across the country went to Twitter to show their dismay and worry about the lack of clarity.

Luckily (well as lucky as one can be in these circumstances) Label has looked at the government guidance relating to university so we hope we can provide some clarity…

Students who do not study the following courses “should remain where they are” wherever possible, and “start their term online”.

  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Subjects allied to medicine and health
  • Veterinary science
  • Education (initial teacher training)
  • Social Work
  • Courses that require Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) assessments and or mandatory activity which is scheduled for January and which cannot be rescheduled

The government has announced that this will be “until at least Mid-February”.

The government has also said that those who live at university “should not move back and forward between [their]permanent home and student home during term time.”

More guidance will be published today and we expect a statement/advice from Loughborough University to be sent out to students later today, but for now we hope this has provided some clarity where there was confusion.


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