LIVE BLOG: Election Results


00:27 – Here they are, your Exec team 2019-20!

00:17 – Salomé Doré has been elected as the new Union President! The vote went to the second round.

00:13 – Darcey Dunne has been elected as VP! The vote went to the second round.

00:12 – Lauren Durkin has been elected as Sports EO! The vote was close, having to go to the fourth round of candidate elimination to determine the result.

00:05 – Matt Youngs has been elected as Welfare and Diversity EO!

00:04 – Anna-Maria Bilciu has been elected as Education EO. This category received only approximately 500 R.O.N votes, meaning Ana-Maria has won by a landslide!

00:002 – We start the show in Room 1 with VP Affairs and Development, Olly Norman.

23:32 – LSUTV has just started a Live Stream covering the Exec Election Results. You can follow along through LSUTV’s Facebook page.

23:00 – We’ll be covering the Exec Election Results LIVE very soon, stay tuned!

19:45 – Results are in for who has been voted to be Loughborough Student Union’s Section Chairs!

RAG: Maz Di Felice
ACTION:  Pippa Baynham
SOCIETIES: Abby Reynolds

19:00 – We’ll be live from 11.30PM tonight, with results (hopefully) coming from between 12.00-12.30! Keep up to date here on the blog, on the Elections website, or on LSUTV!


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