Welcome to Loughborough!


Phew! You can wipe your forehead with relief, you will never have to face Year 13 again. A huge congratulations to you on getting into Loughborough University, and welcome to the next chapter of your life!

During Freshers Week, you’ll be overrun with opportunities offered by the multiple sections in our Student’s Union. Whether you’re looking to learn how to use a DSLR, belly dance till you drop, build robots, or go scuba diving, there’s something you’re bound to enjoy.

When you first arrive in halls, you’ll quickly discover that they are not just where you live. Rag and Action reps will show you how you can help charities and the community; Sport secs will introduce you to IMS; Societies reps will help you navigate the Loughborough bubble filled with new experiences; and Media will be recording it all.

The best part? You can try all of it.

Through the LSU Website, you can discover the different sections by selecting Get Involved. Here, you can browse what you would like to try out and check out some of the things students taking part already do!

One important part of LSU is our range of societies, often known as a ‘home away from home’. Before you’ve even set foot in Loughborough, you can browse the list of societies here. Keep in mind that not all societies for 2018/19 are up yet, so hang on until the Societies Bazaar on Sunday 30thSeptember until you make any final decisions!

If you’re in a hall or have affiliated, you can also get involved in IMS: Intramural Sports. These are for anyone who would like to try out sports for fun. A range of sports are played in IMS, including hockey, rugby and netball – you can find out more on the Loughborough Sport website, or ask your Sports secs.

The Athletic Union are a huge part of Loughborough University; as the number one university for sports related subjects in the world, we’re incredibly proud of our sportsmen and women. If you’re serious about your sport, the AU Bazaar on Saturday 29thSeptember will showcase all of the sports we have to offer; these include archery, MMA, waterpolo, and equestrian.

And, of course, here at Media we will be covering all of the events and offering you the chance to be part of the best family in Loughborough. Whether you would like to improve (or start) your photography, learn how to run a radio show or realise all of your journalistic dreams, Media will welcome you with open arms.

Whatever you’re studying, whatever you want to do, even if you don’t have a clue… Welcome to Loughborough, we’re delighted to have to you.


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Label Editor for 2018-19; Senate Member of the Year 2018-19; a dog person.

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