8 Reasons Why I Bought A Platinum Membership!


1. You save HEAPS of Money. No, you really do. Money is precious my friends.

It’s worth it, just for the drinks offers and not having to worry about paying entry!

2. You get into a huge amount of LSU Nights. It’s a game changer.

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 What more could you ask for? Stupid Tuesdays, Hey Ewe, FND’s. The worlds your oyster.

3. It includes your FRESHERS’ BALL ticket. You’ll be first into the Freshers’ Ball concert! Do not miss the Ball, I repeat, DO NOT MISS.

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Freshers’ Ball is not to be missed, everyone is there. There’s even a fairground and fireworks at the Union. You get all emotional and realise you’ve made the best choice of University.

4. The Platinum and Gold logo becomes your best friend, when you see it, you’re in it! That little logo changed my life.

When you’re low on funds, it’s a relief to know your entry is already sorted. Not to forget that you’ll get exclusive drinks offers or you can spend your loyalty points.

5. You get a shiny Platinum logo on your Student ID Card. Small pleasures.

Or a shiny gold one if you get Gold!

6. You get the best drinks deals and special offers. As I’ve mentioned, saving money means you are really winning at life.

Again, saving you them precious pennies.

7. QUEUE JUMP, YOU GET TO QUEUE JUMP, WE REPEAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO QUEUE UP TO PAY. You don’t want to be that one who has to queue on your own!

Skipping past the queue with the squad, be like.

8. Platinum is for life*, NOT JUST FOR FRESHERS’! (*the University year of course.)

A key thing to remember, is that Platinum and Gold lasts the whole year, it’s not just for Freshers’.

If you’re sold and ready to buy visit the LSU website here!

For more info on Platinum and Gold, there’s a handy video here! If you’ve any more questions, head over to Twitter or Facebook and drop LoughboroughSU a message!

By Alex C.


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