#ExecElections – Postgraduate Candidate: Otavio Schaitza


Otavio Schaitza: Manifesto

Loughborough is changing and postgrad students are a big part of that (28% growth against 5% for undergrads in 2015-16). The challenge now is for LSU to change with it and deliver a “Best Student Experience”  that also includes them.  My goal is to:

  • Bring the Student Experience to you
    • work with the LSU Marketing Team as well as draw from the previous EO’s experience to profile our students and create offerings (or help other sections create them) that fit our diverse community.
    • establish a Welcome Week the first week of term, to help students acclimate to Loughborough life and to meet their peers.
    • Work towards empowering the London Committee to organize their own events as well as push sections to create offerings in London
    • continue and build upon the excellent work done by George Hones (PG Sport’s Day, PGIF, support to John Phillips)
  • Ensure that you get the education you deserve
    • Track and monitor issues/resolutions raised by Programme Reps and look for trends that affect all PG students
    • Establish clear expectations of performance for Students, Staff and Faculty together with the University, especially in regards to Supervision
    • Support and advertise the Library and Graduate House’s offering regarding student skills, such as research methods
  • Help you prepare for the next steps
    • Working closely with the Careers Network and Enterprise EO in creating events specific to Postgrads, with a special focus for PGR students aiming to transfer their skills to the job market.

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