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It’s a New Year, so it’s out with the old (literally, aufweidersen flashbacks), and hello to the fresh Friday feature from music. Rather than run down the past like some nostalgic hedonist, we’re seeking the future, bringing you a ‘track of the week’, each week (we’re good like that), from a multitude of up and coming bands and artists, as well as a few album tracks that have been kept under the radar.

Up this week: ‘Castle Road’ – Flat World Theory

 The last in out features from ALBA Records MCR (for now anyway), Flat World Theory are the latest band to release a single from the Manchester based label. Filtered onto the airwaves back in mid January, ‘Castle Road’ is the debut single from the alternative rockers and thunders along in assured style.

Akin to the sounds of American band Jimmy Eat World and pop-metal stalwarts Feeder, ‘Castle Road’ has all the elements of a slick rock track, wailing vocals and choppy riffs included.

Fizzing out to a howl of an ending, Flat World Theory leave nothing to chance, and just like Scruffy Bear and The River North before them (check them out, come on now), from the get go there is a clear vision, a clear path of where the Manchester based band are headed, and we can confirm too, that they sound even better live.

Go give them a listen on Spotify, or iTunes, or literally anywhere else that houses good music!


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