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Comment: A Critique of Cathy Sun’s Manifesto


Postgraduate EO Candidates’ Manifesto Critique; a comment piece from Label News Editor Ellie MacKenzie. The views presented are those of the writer and not those of Label, LSU Media or Loughborough Students’ Union. 

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Cathy Sun is one of two candidates running for the new position of Postgraduate officer. Cathy’s manifesto comments upon the main problems that PG students face, including isolation from the rest of the university, a need to make international students feel more welcome and help them adjust to new surroundings, and a need for advice that is more tailored to PGs.


Cathy Sun

Cathy mentions that she plans to organise more international socials and activities, with the aim of further integrating international PGs into the Loughborough Community. Furthermore, her point about making careers advice more accessible is one that would benefit many PGs in planning their futures after university.

Unfortunately, Cathy’s manifesto does not go into detail on how she plans to solve many of the problems, she just touches on a few ideas very briefly. However, Cathy has said in her manifesto that she is happy to discuss her ideas further, so get in contact if you’d like to know more before the vote tomorrow (Thursday 19th May.)

Cathy appears to be a very promising candidate. She has evidently done her research in identifying the predominant problems in the Postgraduate area, and seems passionate about working to solve these issues. It looks like it will be a close call as to who receives the most votes.

To view the candidates full manifestos, click here!

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Whilst Label provide unbiased coverage overall, comments and opinions may be shared by individual writers and do not express the views of Label, LSU Media or Loughborough Students’ Union. They are for the benefit of encouraging debate, engagement and further comment amongst the student body. Any queries should be sent to, where you can also express your interest to become a volunteer at any time. 


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  1. Thank you for the comment on my manifesto. Actually, I have uploaded my manifesto yesterday morining. But unfortunately, due to some reasons, they did not renew that. So I post it here in detail now.

    Try my best, do the best.

    With one year’s experience as a programme rep and coming from an international background, I am confident I can get more PG students involved to improve the environment for PGs and to improve their experience as students.

    As postgraduates, we face two main issues;

    1. Isolation

    Isolation is one of the biggest problems that both PGR students as well as PGT ones. PG students feel like they have nowhere to go when they have problems, both academic and personal.

    My solution: Allowing students to have access to face to face and peer to peer mentoring

    I want to establish an office to allow for face to face advice and an online site for those less confident or who want anonymity where PG students will be to ask for help. Moreover, based on previous students’ experiences, ‘peer to peer’ memos have been suggested and would expected to be very helpful as well. It will be typically designed for students who have previously been in their position, whether academic or personal, to give the current PG students advice regarding the personal issues or ways to approach projects.

    2. International backgrounds

    More than 60% of the postgraduates have international backgrounds reaching across the globe. Especially for PGT students who only have one year in the university, they struggle to get used to the new environment at the beginning of the semester and this has a knock-on effect.

    My solution: Early (possibly online) activities and socials for international students (but not limited to international students)

    It is natural that international students would prefer to first find friendship groups within the same nationality to stay as close to their comfort zone as possible. Therefore, early socials typically designed for international students (but again not limited to) will help them get involved and find friends quickly, to help build a sense of belonging right from the get go. I feel that the first two weeks are key to this. Online events on social media would be accessible for those who arrive late to not isolate them, which ties in with my first point.

    My main aim for the year would be to solve these big two pressing issues, as well as other issues that arise in the position. If you have any questions regarding my manifesto or in general, please feel free to contact me via Facebook.:D

    Thank you!

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