Why You Should Apply for Label Committee 2016/17!


Found yourself sitting and pondering to yourself: “how can I make my life even greater?”, then look no further!

By joining the committee here at Label, you’ll gain so much more than crucial experience for your CV – you’ll meet and work with great people and learn a lot more than may be provided by your course. Below are some of the reasons why you should apply to join a part of the Media Team next year:

Learn a Range of Useful Skills

No matter which section or role you apply for, you’ll learn and improve skills, such as time management, content selection and editorial duties to name the least. As part of a committee, you get a say in what will be a part of the magazine and get some invaluable life skills while you’re at it!

Experience editing for a print and online publication

No matter which career you’re going towards, this is great experience for anyone. Learning to edit is essential to refine and make your work the best it can be, and knowing how to do this online too makes your skills base even wider, especially for the online generation.

Management experience

Management experience is essential as you learn to independently engage and direct within your section/role.

Have a prominent student voice on an established student publication

Being on committee doesn’t mean that you don’t write anymore! You can decide your own voice through either writing yourself or creating content that has your own personality to it. Furthermore, Label is a highly respected Student Magazine – who wouldn’t want to write for us?!

Learn how to publish things online as well as in print

There’s a great deal that goes behind creating a magazine, and you’ll get to learn about the whole process as part of the Label committee. You’ll be involved within meetings on the style, content and structure of the issues, whilst learning how to publish things yourself for Label’s online content.

Improve your writing skills

As stated, by applying for committee, this doesn’t mean you forfeit writing for Label – if anything, learning the ins and outs of the magazine will only improve your writing and how to create relevant content for a student publication.

Have valued input in a passionate committee

By joining the Label committee, you’ll soon find out there’s a strong vibe with Label as a team. By joining, you’ll get to jump in with your thoughts, feelings and ideas for the magazine and share them with other like-minded Labellers.

Socials, awards, events and training weekends

Holding launch nights, socials, awards evenings, coverage events (such as the Bubble Debate) and training weekends, Label also have a great social side for you to get involved with.

Personalised stash!!!

And of course, last but certainly not least, there is an abundance of stash (personalised, did I mention?!) to get your hands on.

So, don’t be shy, apply!


Can’t find the link? Here you go: http://media.lsu.co.uk/?p=28875


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