LSUTV Committee Applications 2017/18 | Head of Entertainment


Role profile for LSUTV Head of Entertainment

Duties and responsibilities

• Support regular entertainment shows such as Totty TV and Coffee House Sessions
• Effectively and regularly communicate with producers to make sure shows are well planned and regularly produced to a high standard
• Assign producers to shows and support and develop volunteers ideas for new shows
• Attend committee meetings


• Develop knowledge of TV industry
• Steer the direction of the stations’ Entertainment output

Useful previous experience

• Leadership / training abilities
• Planning skills
•A keen interest in developing new show / output ideas

Average time commitment

• Around 10 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Responsible to

Media EO, LSUTV Station Manager

Similar industry roles

• Entertainment Producer
• Content Producer

Download the application form here . Deadline is Sunday 22nd May. 

For more information, get in touch with Media EO, JT .


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