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A soft-voiced young piano playing singer-songwriter out of Des Moines, Iowa, Max Jury has struck a rich seam of pure, musical gold. His self-titled debut album is a classic in the making.

Max is just 23 years old, raised in a household of country, soul and classic rock but when he heard Neil Young in his early teens, something shifted in him. He started writing songs and slowly realised he had found a direction in life.

Touring as Lana Del Rey’s supporting act Max has played across America and Europe, making friends wherever he performed. He started recording his debut album in New York with hip hop producer Inflo, with a band made up of musicians who have backed Alicia Keys and D’Angelo, pulling all-night sessions at the legendary Electric Lady studios. Max plays piano, some drums, percussion, and rhythm guitar. The finished album speaks for itself.

“Writing is kind of my diary,” says Max. “The songs are all pretty autobiographical. I don’t want to make a big statement, because I don’t know what it would be. This is my music. It is what it is. I hope people like it.”

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