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Action Volunteers’ Food Drive


Last Week Action held their annual Food Drive where students from the University donated food and clothing in support of those less fortunate within the Loughborough community. Last year, Action donated 3000 items and this year students more than doubled their efforts and have given over 8000 items.

Action Food Drive 3

The food collection being delivered to the Shepshed Food Bank.

Christmas is notoriously a time for giving. It is around this time, I hope that people remember the 1989 film ‘Scrooged’ following the well known Charles Dickens Christmas classic. In Murray’s film version, we see a homeless man who freezes out in the cold after leaving a homeless shelter. At the end of the film, Murray’s character says “You can take an old blanket out of the closet and take it out and give it to someone.”

In the true spirit of Christmas, the dedicated volunteers of Loughborough Students Union Action host an annual Food Drive, a huge donation for local food banks that sees dozens upon dozens of bags stuffed to the brim with clothes and food collected by our wonderful Action reps.

Once again, these students have gone above and beyond, collecting a record breaking 8000 items of food, clothing and bedding for those less fortunate than themselves within the community.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! With every pick up the van just kept filling and filling until we were worried we couldn’t fit anymore in! I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing Hall Reps and Volunteers!

Rosie Harvey, VP Action

The van ready for the evening drop offs after half had already been delivered!

The van ready for the evening drop offs after half had already been delivered!

The van, crammed full of items, was then driven around to many local groups in need including Minnies Friends, The Bridge, The Shepshed Food Bank, and The Carpenters Arms.

‘Our dedicated volunteers at Loughborough Students Union are fantastic,’ said President, Jess Excell, ‘they truly put their hearts into what they do and this is just an incredible way for us to the end the term’.

Thank you to the students that donated and took the time to sort through bags of clothes and food! Label and the Union are truly astounded by the generosity shown by students this year and look forward to see how their efforts next year can continue to help the community.



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